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Dragon Blade



D3 Publisher



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09/25/07 D3 Publisher
11/22/07 D3 Publisher
11/02/07 D3 Publisher

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The power of the Dragon is in your hands!

3rd person action-adventure game set in a fantasy world where an evil dragon has been trapped inside six pieces of an enchanted sword. Play as a young man who first finds the sword and learns to unleash the powers of the dragon through his sword and arms. An all-new arcade-oriented experience that takes advantage of the Wii Remote with incredibly responsive swordplay.


  • Uniquely designed, two-handed Wii control scheme - Use both arms simultaneously to emulate a dragon's arms, wings, tail, fire and more.
  • 20 levels spread across six different, richly detailed fantasy worlds
  • Upgradeable combat systems and graphically stunning weapons based on the supernatural powers of a dragon
  • Original story by Richard A. Knaak of the DragonLance series
  • String together combos using the Dragon forms to inflict maximum damage during epic boss battles!


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Total Sales
1 n/a 6,629 n/a 1,170 7,799
2 n/a 4,555 n/a 804 5,359
3 n/a 3,172 n/a 560 3,732
4 n/a 2,381 n/a 420 2,801
5 n/a 1,857 n/a 328 2,185
6 n/a 1,590 n/a 281 1,871
7 n/a 1,767 n/a 312 2,079
8 n/a 2,048 n/a 361 2,409
9 n/a 3,198 n/a 564 3,762
10 n/a 2,397 n/a 423 2,820

Opinion (8)

kanjitech18 posted 05/08/2009, 02:22
Wow. I'm actually surprised at the sales of this game. Use to own this game. Actually bought it in its first week. It definitely would've benefited from a bigger budget, like adding in more voice acting would've been great.

It was an alright game. For core gamers, it would've been a rental.
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spurgeonryan posted 12/06/2009, 03:37
Wow good sales
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EdEN posted 12/01/2009, 05:32
Yes, I own it. Don't trust the reviews since it's another case of reviewers not taking their time with a Wii game. It's a very lite God of War type of game if you need a reference, but I was never bored during all of it since the controls keep you involved. Took me a while to finish because the last 2 boss battles are insane but I recommend it. I paid full retail upon release on October 2007 and it's now only $10 at Amazon:
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ClaudeLv250 posted 26/05/2008, 09:08
I want to look for this in a bargain bin somewhere. Just to try it.
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Squire posted 26/12/2007, 01:54
lame lame lame
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Girl Gamer Elite posted 12/10/2007, 04:03
lame game, really boring and repetitious
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