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03/05/13 Namco Bandai Games
04/18/13 Namco Bandai Games
03/08/13 Namco Bandai Games

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Game Information Updated Masked_Muchaco 01st Aug 2018
Game Banner Added to Database Marth 11th May 2018
Boxart Added BraLoD 31st Dec 2017

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1,240,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (6)

Rasengan3 posted 25/01/2015, 10:25
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Mafuba posted 20/09/2014, 02:03
1.22 million combined sales? Laughably under tracked this game was said to have shipped 2 million copies by August this year. 1 million in US, 750,000 in Europe and 250,000 in Japan.
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Azhraell posted 16/03/2014, 01:23
Pretty decent sales, it will end up 0.9-1 million lifetime. Also, Europe really loves Naruto uh...
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binary solo posted 28/04/2013, 04:41
They've progressively removed the free roaming stuff from the game, which disappoints. For me they are taking this series in the wrong direction gameplay-wise. It seems the progressive removal of adventuring reflects laziness and lack of creativity: they can't be bothered putting original gameplay content into the game to put more flesh around the abbreviated narrative from the story.
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xxbrothawizxx63 posted 19/03/2013, 03:22
Better launch than Storm 2. Pretty surprising when you consider Naruto's popularity has been on the decline and the really bad buzz surrounding the game up until launch due to the lack of certain playable character inclusions. Not expecting Storm 2 legs at all though. I don't see this hopping to 1.2 mill...
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Jozu posted 18/03/2013, 05:48
Heres to 2 million.
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