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03/05/13 Electronic Arts
03/07/13 Electronic Arts
03/07/13 Electronic Arts

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Game Information Updated Marth 06th May 2018
Game Banner Added to Database Marth 06th May 2018
Boxart Added Masked_Muchaco 05th Jan 2018
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2,000,000 Units
As of: July 2013

Opinion (6)

TheBird posted 14/07/2018, 08:11
I still load this game up for Cities of Tomorrow, Cities Skylines needs to pick up its expansion game quick otherwise I'm staying on this one for even longer.
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S.Peelman posted 11/08/2014, 02:19
This game managed to have even less features and freedom than the very first game. Thanks for ruining what once was once one of the greatest franchises ever. The fact they didn't even dare to call it SimCity '5' is telling enough though, I'll wait for the *real* SC5.
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AWildSpork posted 12/07/2013, 03:46
Terrible, broken game
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IsawYoshi posted 20/03/2013, 08:55
If only the cities were larger I would buy it. It is just to damn limited!
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Kindro posted 18/03/2013, 08:35
EA announced that SimCity sold 1,1 million. 54% from that is through digital distribution.
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xGreg posted 08/03/2013, 11:23
EA = worst video games company ever!!!
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