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07/18/06 Nippon Ichi Software
03/02/06 Sony Computer Entertainment
02/09/07 Atari

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Dread Knight, the evil dark knight that killed the legendary hero Blade Dancer in the great war has appeared once again. The reappearance of Dread Knight signals the rise of the demon empire, which threatens all of mankind. Now Lance and his fellow comrades must rise to stop Dread Knight and his army of darkness.

  • Full 3D World - Both the players and enemies are displayed on the 3D map. If the player gets too close to the enemy, they will chase and attack you.
  • Real Time Battle System - Battles will begin as you encounter monsters on the field map. Once in battle, you will exchange attacks according to your character speed.
  • Multiplayer Mode - Up to 4 players can play simultaneously for an exciting multiplayer mode. Items acquired during multiplayer mode can also be used during single player story mode.
  • Visit the Official PSP® website ( from your PSP system to download exclusive Blade Dancer wallpapers!
  • Check out additional exclusive screenshots on the Blade Dancer official game site.


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1 n/a 7,008 n/a 1,237 8,245
2 n/a 4,133 n/a 729 4,862
3 n/a 3,633 n/a 641 4,274
4 n/a 2,796 n/a 493 3,289
5 n/a 2,227 n/a 393 2,620
6 n/a 2,124 n/a 375 2,499
7 n/a 1,634 n/a 288 1,922
8 n/a 1,188 n/a 210 1,398
9 n/a 1,093 n/a 193 1,286
10 n/a 1,020 n/a 180 1,200

Opinion (2)

hunter_alien posted 10/09/2007, 07:09
I liked it , pretty fun RPG :)
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ArtofAngels posted 10/09/2007, 04:57
This game sucked total ass, but somehow I kept playing because it was so challenging.
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