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06/30/99 GT Interactive
03/09/00 Spike
07/02/00 GT Interactive

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The Criminal Underworld has accepted you as one of their own. You are a getaway driver for hire. Speeding through the streets of real cities with working traffic systems, pedestrians and motorists on the street and cops on patrol. You are the best driver in the criminal community. You Are The Wheelman.

  • Unfolding storyline of intrigue and deception.
  • Real car physics and damge modeling brought to you by the creators of Destruction Derby 1 & 2
  • Real Cities - Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Miami - All with recognizable landmarks and working traffic systems.
  • Over 40 missions of high speed action!



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Webstar70 posted 25/10/2009, 01:59
the last level was so epic. soo frustrating at all times but that just made beating the levels just that more rewarding.

*To all other players*
I feel your pain... :P
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Theo posted 20/03/2009, 11:23
Hella frustrating at times, but far more rewarding when you complete a level. Took a fair bit of trial and error, but I've always preffered more difficult games and realistic driving simulators.
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Goodfella posted 24/12/2008, 11:36
I still have my cracked controller hanging to remind me of the gaming rage Driver has caused me.
I cant agree with you more.
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habitux posted 11/12/2008, 08:24
oh man, this game...last mission was this president thing. ate about 2 gamepads until i made it.
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coolestguyever posted 28/01/2008, 01:27
damn great game. shame I only played it about twice, never owned it. Owned the second and third one though.

p.s. I agree with tokilamockingbird.
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tokilamockingbrd posted 20/01/2008, 10:07
this game was the forerunner to the GTA series(3+)
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