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テイルズ オブ エターニア





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03/03/05 Namco
02/10/06 Ubisoft

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Reid Hershel, Farrah Oersted, and a mysterious girl named Meredy must embark on a journey to learn the truth on the fate of their world. The story begins when Reid and Farrah attend to the crash of a spaceship near their hometown, Rashea. As they investigate the place of the incident, a weird blue animal leads them to a young girl injured by the crash who speaks an unknown language. Further on, Reid and Farrah learn that the mysterious girl, named Meredy, came here to prevent a deadly collision between her planet, Celestia, and Reid and Farrah’s world, Inferia. With the help of some friends picked up along the way, Reid, Farrah, and Meredy set out on a quest to collect a set of spiritual beings, their only hope to save both of their planets from a terrible disaster. Control 1 character out of a party of 4 through magnificent 2D environments and 3D world maps. Master the "Tales of" Linear Motion Battle System; built around different striking techniques, real-time combos and spells. Discover a bunch of challenging mini games perfectly implemented to the story that will make the characters earn unique features.


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As of: December 11th, 2007

Opinion (8)

TheConduit posted 13/08/2009, 05:55
First Tales game I played

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Zlejedi posted 23/06/2009, 02:22
I got this on Sunday together with PSP game looks nice but I don't see much rpg in the fightning system.
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VivaLaWiida posted 06/03/2009, 03:34
I am not able to beat the final boss AOÜFHAISFJASÜGJASL >>>;(
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VivaLaWiida posted 18/01/2009, 06:36
I love this game @_@'
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Simulacrum posted 26/09/2008, 01:07
This is one of the best PSP games.
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outlawauron posted 19/07/2008, 08:29
@ Sky

One of them was mine. :)
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