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08/04/09 Sega
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06/25/10 505 Games

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Are you ready to get fit in a fun new way? The first Wii™ Pilates title is coming! You’ve heard celebrities talk about the wonders of Pilates, now you can firm, tone, and strengthen your body in the comfort of your home. Set in a lush tropical resort hosted by Daisy Fuentes, a world famous TV celebrity and Pilates spokeswoman, expertly guides you through 10 fundamental exercises from the Beginner level all the way up to Advanced using the Wii Remote™ and the Balance Board™. You can also create and customize your own Pilates workouts with your favorite exercises. Voice prompts from Daisy and the in-game timing bar provide you with instant feedback on your pacing of each exercise. You will love what Pilates can do for your body!




• Learn the Essential Core Pilates Exercises – Work out using just the Wii Remote or include the optional Wii Balance Board in your routine. This program includes varying degrees of difficulty that will ensure a great workout for all skill levels. Daisy Fuentes lends her voice to the tutorials ensuring that you are properly coached on the correct motions.


• Customizable workouts – Select from 5 pre-set routines that are designed to target different areas of your body. You also have the freedom to customize up to five of your own to keep your routines fresh which will keep you motivated.


• Perfect your Pilates moves and stay on track – By using the Wii’s controls, you will get instant feedback on your movements from the on-screen timing bar. This will help you get the most results from every session. Track your weekly workouts and view results to see how well you have performed each individual exercise.


• Health and fitness tips – Daisy Fuentes provides exercise and healthy diet tips throughout the program to encourage a holistic approach to health and well-being.


• Habla Español? Daisy instructs Spanish-speaking Pilates fans as well, so choose the language setting you prefer.

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Opinion (3)

Ratix240sx posted 15/08/2009, 06:55
hmm didn't even know this was out already.....
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palancas7 posted 14/08/2009, 04:59
Nice start.

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uppertone posted 01/08/2009, 07:22
I hope this makes some money for sega
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