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Ganbare Goemon: Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori

がんばれゴエモン ~ネオ桃山幕府のおどり~


Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka



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Release Dates

04/16/98 Konami
08/07/97 Konami
04/18/98 Konami

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The people of Oedo Town are in a panic! A gigantic UFO shaped like a peach has arrived, and the Peach Mountain Shoguns have turned Oedo Castle into one big stage for themselves to perform on! Everyone's relying on Goemon to save the day, but he hasn't even noticed what's happening! Can our hero stop the Shoguns before they do any more damage?

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is an action-based RPG similar in style to The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. It is also the first localized Goemon game since The Legend of Mystical Ninja for the SNES. Players control Goemon and his friends as they make their way through Ancient Japan to stop the Peach Mountain Shoguns. You can talk to characters, whack enemies with your pipe (or hurl coins at them), visit a deranged fortune teller who shrieks out "PLASMA!" at random intervals for no reason, and more.

Each member of the Goemon team can also learn a special ability to access new areas as players progress through the game. Goemon earns the "Sudden Impact" power, which lets him move blocks he normally couldn't, Ebisumaru can shrink to small sizes so he can pass through tiny cracks, Sasuke earns an extra high jump, and Yae gets the ability to transform into a Mermaid so that she can swim underwater.

As usual, the gigantic roller-skating robot, Impact, makes an appearance. Players get to use him to trample down buildings and duke it out in first-person mode against gigantic mecha boss characters in a Punch-Out style game.

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Opinion (13)

fleischr posted 27/01/2015, 09:39
Insanely underrated game.
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DieAppleDie posted 27/10/2012, 12:29
i paid 75$ for this back then
great game
i loved when Goemon goes SuperSayajin
too bad i lent this to a friend, never got back
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leatherhat posted 27/06/2011, 01:14
Legendary game, wish they would continue the series
Message | Report
Soma posted 11/12/2010, 10:00
I just bought it! Found it in Amazon completely new for $38. Worth the money and even more!
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spurgeonryan posted 14/06/2009, 06:45
I was wierd. I think I rented this and Quest 64 at the same time. I remember quest sucking!
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Majin-Tenshinhan posted 21/04/2009, 10:09
Definitely one of my Top 5 N64-games ... It's a downright incredible game. Like a mix or Mario 64 and OoT...
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