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12/15/92 Enix
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      A sacred stone, in a sapphire tiara spiritually protects the town of Astholm. The tiara has been handed down, through several generations of honorable priestesses for them alone to protect and with it the fate of the town. At Astholm, a ceremony, called The Annual Sapphire Festival is being conducted, in which the tiara will be succeeded to the young priestess Firis, but Gel Du Rey, an evil henchman of Lord Ezelkiel, is lurking near by and shortly after the joyous event ends captures Firis, for Ezelkiel. Gel Du Rey's dark lord, then summons other minions to capture the remaining priestesses of the land.

       It is later discovered, that Lord Ezelkiel is a descendant of The Ruby Guru, one of the original guardians of the seven sacred stones, and that he is bent on using the priestesses to revive The Megagod Jisfandel, a formerly benign being that was corrupted by the Ruby Guru, long ago. You play the role of the Captain of Astholm's Royal Guards, who has held Firis dearly in his heart, since childhood and won't let her fall prey to Ezelkiel's plans, that easily. The hero immediately decides to set off, to rescue her, with the help of his team of loyal guards, but the situation quickly becomes more complicated. He later discovers, he needs to join forces with the other descendants of the rest of the Gurus, if he's to succeed and stop Lord Ezelkiel


      "Just Breed" is a tactical RPG,that uses a battle system called team spirits. The TS battle system was created by Kazuro Morita, who got the job after winning one of Enix's programing contest, for his game "Morita's Battle Field". Because of the similarities in style and gameplay, I would say, gamers who liked the more familiar "Fire Emblem" series, are likely to enjoy "Just Breed", as well as "Minelvaton Saga", another title created by Morita, but for Taito, instead.

      Not only does the game feature the work of Kazuro Morita, but Enix also hired popular anime and manga artist to develop it. Yuzo Takada designed the characters for the game. Takada was well known, at the time for the manga series "3x3 Eyes", which was the basis for another game. Anime composer Kohei Tanaka scored the game music. At the time, Tanaka was known for music of "Gunbuster" and "Dirty Heat", but would later become more well known, for working on the TV series "Gundam" and "One Piece", as well as music for the games "Paladin's Quest","Legend Of Legaia",and "Alundra". Scenarios for the game were written by Katsuyuki Sato, who later worked on the "Shenmue" series.

      Cartridges for "Just Breed" use MMC5 enhancement chips.

      Written by Nintendo Monopoly

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