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07/01/88 Capcom
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Fly through the air and blast your way through hordes of flying enemies in this fun but challenging shoot 'em up!

Legendary Wings takes place 20,000 years in the future in a Greek mythos-themed world. The player controls a soldier wearing mechanical wings who flies across the landscape while shooting various flying and stationary machines with a weapon that improves with power-ups. At the end of each level, the player must defeat a dragon, after which the players land and walk into a palace. At this time a message is displayed, "The Devil is waiting for us inside the palace. Rush courageously." Once inside the palace, the player walks and flies horizontally along various platforms, shooting enemies before reaching the boss, which resembles a giant ship that shoots eyeballs ("the Devil"). The game features 5 separate levels, which loop upon completion.

Each level featured the opportunity to be sucked into two horizontal platformer mini-levels. One chance occurs when the player flies over a giant mechanized face on the ground, which shoots spirals that instantly transport the players into a non-beneficial level (preceded by the message "Danger!"). It is possible to avoid these spirals, but their speed increases each new level. The other chance occurs when a player attacks a certain ground enemy on each level, which will shoot one spiral at the players. If this Spiral touches either player, both are instantly transported to a bonus level (preceded by the message "Lucky!"), featuring numerous items worth points as well as several weapon powerups).

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