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09/30/99 Electronic Arts
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01/01/99 Electronic Arts

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Live The Adventure!

Gaming's newest action heroine debuts in a power-packed adventure based on the hit TV series. Hurl Xena's Chakram or unleash powerful signature fighting moves to overcome vicious hordes of enemies and huge Bosses!

Key Features

  • Signature moves and weapons: Guide the long-range Chakram or cause damage up close with backflips, bicycle kicks and 360 degree splits.
  • Seven Vast Worlds with 21 sub-levels: Explore and conquer Valarians Castle, Amagon Village, Dyran's Lair and more.
  • Battle epic mystical creatures! Duel with a Dragon and go head-to-head with Medusa!
  • Use Combinations, magical weapons, and stealth-like manuevers to take down your enemy.



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naruball posted 16/05/2010, 01:36
I keep playing this game every few years. When I was young I use to dream that I would meke the best Xena game ever. Now I'm 23 and I still hope so. (nah, just kidding)
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hatmoza posted 24/06/2009, 12:36
This game was ahead of its time and was surprisingly good.
Honestly, I only got it because I was of fan of the series. Around the time I hit puberty ;)
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Sherlock99 posted 12/07/2008, 06:29
my favorite ps1 games
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hunter_alien posted 07/07/2008, 09:25
Man Ive played this game weeks in a row with a friend . It looked so awesome back then ;) The gameplay was pretty solid to :)
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