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A love letter for the survivor horrors games from PS1.

Signalis was one of the best games and an incredible surprise in 2022. The game was released and in the moment of this review are in gamepass, but I only give a attention to the game after, The Sphare hunter comment about it on Twitter, and play this game was one of the best things that I could have done. I did no idea how I miss PS1 survivor horrors.

To boils down, Signalis is an indie game with an PS1 graphics ascetics and a gameplay based on the Resident Evils from PS1. The game also have inspirations of Silent Hill 1 to create a unique mix from a modern view on this old classics that I played in my preteen days.

Regardless, the game simplicity it is incredibly beautiful, and polished for a game made by two people. The soundtrack and the scenarios are astonishing, giving to the player the perfect vibe of terror and uncertain from what come next.

Beyond that, the gameplay is fantastic and update the classic Resident Evil gameplay in one way that is faster than was in the past, but in the high dosage, to you steel feel the fear, and the care that you need to have to dash from enemies so many times. The only negative side from the gameplay is that the game limits your inventory to only 6 items, making your comings and goings to the classic Resident Evil storage box more often than necessary. The plot give to you a reason on why your inventory is so short, and you can not update i, and after some hours of game you can accept this small problem.

Finally, the plot of the game is something great, but I understand that some people could not like. If you love, Nier, Evangelion and are ready to accept that the game doesn't want you to understand the history, you will love it. 

Signalis is set in a futuristic era characterized by advanced technology and space travel, in an unspecified planetary system under the control of the authoritarian Nation of Eusan. The nation is engaged in a prolonged conflict with a bigger Empire that it had previously seceded from. In this era, everything have an East German/Chinese aesthetics. For reasons that you will try to discover playing it a lot of the Replikas (Robots and Androids) of this future were corrupted and you, Elsa, a Replika will try to find an important "person" to you.

To conclude, the game is a love letter and a hidden gem for everyone that loved Resident Evil and Sillent Hill on PS1 or like a Nier/Evangelion type of plot. As a good Resident Evil, the game have more than one "run" or side, and you can play it for different ends to discover more about this wonderful new universe.


PS: As I always say, I write reviews to improve my english grammar as second language, but In Signalis they call it of Replikas with the K and not with C. 

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