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10/23/07 UFO Interactive
09/04/08 Interchannel
02/29/08 505 Games

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The infamous balloon thief has stolen the earth's precious season and sealed them away in his magical balloons. It is up to you to release the magic stored inside and bring life back to your planet one season at a time! With this revolutionary puzzle game that's fit for all ages, players point at the screen to aim and link a series of balloons to create satisfying combos! Watch as the season beautifully animate and bring the planet back to life, releasing different graphical elements to represent each month.


  • The first puzzle game for the Wii to offer a series of control schemes. Use the Wii Remote to point, link and shoot the balloons with pinpoint accuracy. Play with classic controls by turning the Wii Remote horizontally, using a conventional control option.
  • Various Modes: Play the intense Story Mode and survive through all of the seasons. Puzzle Mode offers 200 mind-boggling puzzles that will surely test your thinking abilities. VS CPU Mode will let you test your speed against a computer controlled opponent.
  • Two players can battle and test each other's ability to think and react fast. The optional settings offer various modes that change the battle experience giving players a numerous amount of multiplayer functions.
Source: developer's press release: http://www.gamespot.com/wii/puzzle/balloonpop/news.html?sid=6180372&mode=press

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