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Sharuui * Takoron



Compile Heart



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03/31/08 Conspiracy Entertainment
08/23/07 Compile Heart
08/14/09 Midas Interactive Entertainment

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It's just another day in Lonropia and Kari, an apprentice magician, decides to summon up some of her favorite treat: Takoyaki! But instead of delicious Takoyaki appearing, a shower of colored Ocotpi rain down from the sky.

A guardian angel appears and informs Kari that she must rid Lonropia of the Octopi. Now she must embark on a journey to find the prince Exaultus. Surely he will know what to do!

Hurry up and rid your screen of Octopi before your enemy beats you to it! Line up your Octopi in groups under the Octo-nets and watch them disappear! Line up as as you can and create a massive chain.

Pull off a giant chain and cripple your opponent with a nasty Sea Urchin attack! Clear your screen of Octopi as quickly as you can to win the game!

  • Arcade, Multiplayer and Wi-Fi Network play modes!
  • Easy to learn but fast moving puzzle-like game play!
  • Cute and loveable characters like Gobu the pig and Kanizaemon, the samurai crab!

*Conspiracy Games

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spurgeonryan posted 08/12/2010, 05:51
Oh wow it did have online, well I traded it in so I could get my 5 year old a DSlite for his bday, and pirates at worlds end wii, and nights(I just wasnt going to play it). Octomania was played by my ex, but I just wasnt going to touch it either.
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spurgeonryan posted 18/11/2009, 06:01
I have no one to share this experience with online... so sad...I haven't really played it thought either.
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spurgeonryan posted 10/11/2009, 03:11
O yeah never thought this would happen but I just bought it for 80% off whatever the price was (19.99) at a closing gamecrazy! You can thank me later Nintendo.
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spurgeonryan posted 12/06/2009, 06:31
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Alexandervgc posted 21/01/2008, 12:15
Added boxart (not official).
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