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01/01/89 NEC
07/15/88 Namco
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Galaga '90

This is an updated version of the classic arcade shooter Galaga. Set in the vast reaches of space, you will fight your way through all 29 rounds to reach the enemies' stronghold on Planet Galaga. Game levels consist of a few rounds with changing enemies and backgrounds.

To top it off, the nostalgic "Galactic Dancing" lives on to mark the end of each level. With the new addition of dimensions, you can choose your attack route. Collect capsules and open dimension warps at branch sections to take on even tougher enemies. GALAGA '90's inclusion of the triple fighter, scrolling backgrounds, boss Galaga and even new system effects make it nothing less than a masterpiece.


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SuperAnthony64 posted 29/04/2010, 10:23
very fun game. a must have for tg 16 users

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piggychan posted 28/09/2008, 03:32
I have the japanese version for pc engine/turbografx-16.

Great conversion so simple and so addictive!
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