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08/26/03 Crave Entertainment
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03/26/04 DreamCatcher Interactive

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MOJO! is a graphically stunning, simple, yet sophisticated 3D puzzle game that tests both your mind and your reflexes. Because each move you make slowly drains your "MOJO"(energy), you must carefully weigh each action as you maneuver through increasingly difficult puzzle states. Only the most shrewd and skillful players will be able to navigate MOJO!'s unique chain of puzzles in order to survive to the legendary 100th stage!

MOJO! is an addictive, challenging puzzle game that will appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. The object of the game is to successfully collect all of the colored cubes in a level in order to get tot he "MOJO" cubes in the shortest amount of time to solve the puzzle.

Mojo! Features:

  • Over 100 single-player levels in three detailed environments, each more challenging than the next.

  • Obstacles and power-ups such as death blocks, repulsors and attractors help to make each level unique.

  • Battle Mode allows up to four players to square off in a variety of arena-like levels specifically designed for "Mojo Combat"

  • Multiplayer only power-ups such as Vampirism, Steel Ball and Shield.

  • Bonus Mini-Golf mode for one to four players.

  • Powerful 3D stage editor allows you to create and play your vary own levels.

  • Complete Custom Camera Control system allows you always to view the puzzle from your optimal angle.

  • Xbox exclusive Multiplayer Cooperative Mode allows you and a friend to tackle the toughest stages together.

Crave Ent.

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