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Alternative Names

Yuke Yuke! Trouble Makers

ゆけゆけ!! トラブルメーカーズ


Treasure Co., Ltd.



Release Dates

10/01/97 Nintendo
06/27/97 Enix
12/01/97 Nintendo

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Professor Theo has been kidnapped by the imperial forces of the evil empire. Now his robotic-personal assistant, Marina Liteyears, must save the day! Marina will get some help from the troops who have remained loyal to King Aster. With their help, she'll Grab, Snake and Throw her way to the Professor!!

Besides rescuing the Professor, Marina will also join in the effort to rebel against that Nasty, Horrible and evil empire. So, Grab a controller and help our Super Heroine Shake up the evil empire!

  • Features new techniques in defeating enemies.
  • More than 50 stages in all, with several challenging puzzle stages.
  • Easy play control, beautiful graphics and packed full of voice samples.
  • Perfect for action game fans of all ages.

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Calmador posted 13/04/2011, 01:47
Mixed feelings about this game... the only reason I own it is for nostalgic reasons... I loved the idea of how you fought in this game... but that's about it... everything else about it is lacking... such a waste of good gameplay.
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spurgeonryan posted 06/02/2011, 12:03
I have to admit this has been fun! I forgot all about it when it I rented it back then.
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FaRmLaNd posted 31/03/2010, 12:26
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glari93 posted 03/09/2009, 03:10
50th owner
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spurgeonryan posted 14/06/2009, 06:54
I called nintendo when this was coming out, and got one of those movies they offered back then for promotional use. This game was on it..blah...blah..blah I wanted it, great rental!
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