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Mario Golf: GBA Tour

マリオゴルフ GBAツアー


Camelot Software Planning



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06/22/04 Nintendo
04/22/04 Nintendo
09/17/04 Nintendo

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The Golf Role of a Lifetime!

Grab your clubs and start down the road to golfing perfection in this role-playing golf adventure! Chat up the locals at golf clinics, hone your skills in challenges like Club Slots and Go-Go Gates, and try to become the champ of all the country clubs! The Mushroom Kingdom residents take on only the very best...

  • Role-playing action! Take control of a custom character and gain experience to improve in all aspects of golf. You'll have to master many challenges to earn a bout with Mario!
  • Get connected! Link up with Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on the Nintendo GameCube™ to unlock hidden features or transfer your characters for use on the Nintendo GameCube! You can even take on up to four of your pals!

- From game back cover

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sethnintendo posted 04/01/2012, 07:54
No sequel on the DS but let us hope for one on the 3DS!
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tphi posted 17/05/2009, 10:26
Best camelot game ever. Please, a sequel on the ds !!
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IxisNaugus posted 04/05/2009, 02:31
Amazing game. It is astonishing how well AT and TT work together. It's impossible to 100% complete one without the other. A beautiful duo i one day hope is bettered for Wii and DS
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