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02/28/99 3DO
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Murdered by traitors and resurrected by Necromancers as an undead lich, Erathia's deceased king commands its neighboring enemies to seize his former kingdom. His progress is halted when his daughter Catherine, Queen of Enroth, returns to the shores of her homeland.In the service of Erathia, beset by enemies external and internal, you command the land's greatest heroes and fiercest creatures in Queen Catherine's war to restore her homeland, discover her father's killer, and free him from the prison of his undead body.

Source: Ubisoft Store.

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Smeags posted 23/11/2010, 06:08
I forgot how long a single game can take... just played a 3 hour game. O_O
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Smeags posted 03/11/2010, 06:45
Great game! I loved playing as Necropolis. Ghost Dragons for the win!
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c0rd posted 24/11/2009, 06:27
Listening to the game's soundtrack right now. It's amazing.

Why can't they make games like this anymore?
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Chrizum posted 12/10/2008, 01:34
Best game ever created by man (thus excluding all Miyamoto games)
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MeowTheMouse posted 01/03/2008, 12:46
after 3 the series went *PEW PEW*
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okr posted 24/02/2008, 04:06
Did I own this one or HOMM II? Or HOMM IV? I don't have a clue...
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