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Infinity Ward



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11/04/16 Activision
11/04/16 Activision
11/04/16 Activision

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Infinite Warfare delivers three unique game modes: Campaign returns to the gritty, large-scale war roots of the franchise, while boldly looking ahead. Multiplayer delivers the future of warfare, with many new gameplay innovations. And the cooperative Zombies mode takes players on a wild ride through a new storyline with unique gameplay features and mechanics.

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 672,134 312,933 165,564 1,150,631
2 n/a 237,676 123,678 59,327 420,681
3 n/a 106,886 65,546 27,275 199,707
4 n/a 142,225 143,720 39,684 325,629
5 n/a 106,199 74,279 27,650 208,128
6 n/a 251,636 60,611 58,592 370,839
7 n/a 364,698 77,291 84,284 526,273
8 n/a 315,238 124,572 76,320 516,130
9 n/a 57,451 76,952 17,164 151,567
10 n/a 23,858 29,215 6,963 60,036

Opinion (8)

Mr Puggsly posted 30/10/2017, 12:15
Well this series has really decline. This is probably one of the best campaigns in the series as well.

I anticipate CoD:WWII to surpass this in sales.
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Jigsawx1 posted 28/09/2017, 01:58
I bought the legacy edition for 25 eur and i have to say it is better then i thought The campaign is great and the zombie mode is fun as well
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Mr Puggsly posted 30/11/2016, 01:03
@spacedelete - How much do you think they spent developing this game? It will easily be profitable.
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spacedelete posted 29/11/2016, 11:14
darkenergy i doubt it. this game had three year development with a high production campaign with thousands of employees. i can actually see activision shutting infinity ward down if sales dont improve.

literally the worst cod game ever. this game makes the awful cod ghost look like a masterpiece.
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teamsilent13 posted 07/11/2016, 06:57
zombies in spaceland is good 👍
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nexsus posted 06/10/2016, 11:42
people will buy this for modern warfare remastered and that's bad i hope we can buy separate,I don't want another COD WARFARE GAME/FUTURISTIC etc,COD needs to take a 2/3 year break between release''s that simple,we all know they will all sell regardless but a yearly COD is just too much now,they have run out of idea's because of it,even though they sell,anyway lets see what an Xbox one player and PC.
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