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Online Action RPG Wayfinder Announced for PS5, PS4, and PC

Online Action RPG Wayfinder Announced for PS5, PS4, and PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 December 2022 / 610 Views

Publisher Digital Extremes and developer Airship Syndicate have announced online action RPG, Wayfinder, for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. It will launch in Early Access in Spring 2023. The full flaunch will happen in Fall 2023.

A PS5 and PS4 playtest will start in January 2023.

"Four years ago when we set out on this journey with Airship Syndicate to build Wayfinder we had high hopes and expectations," said Digital Extremes head of external projects Richard Browne. "The world they have created, the characters that inhabit it, and the ever-changing adventures players can encounter truly live up to the dreams we held. I can’t wait for players to band together and help push back the Gloom from Evenor."

View the official reveal trailer below:

Read details on the game below:

The world of Evenor is being consumed by the foul force of the Gloom. As Wayfinders, lights amidst the darkness in a world consumed by Gloom, players must control the chaos and reconnect a fractured world as they choose a unique path through an online world of endless action and adventure. To cease the Gloom’s devastating decay of Evenor, players will choose from a variety of Wayfinders (characters) to control, each with their own unique story, play styles, and abilities, harnessing their power together to defend Evenor from forces that seek to destroy it.

Uniting with fellow Wayfinders, players will use their Gloom Dagger to adventure into Lost Zones—dungeon-like areas touched and consumed by the Gloom – resulting in shifting change and chaos. Wayfinders can control the chaos with their Gloom Dagger, an ancient artifact of obscure origin, strategically implementing mutators that can dictate enemies encountered, items and resources dropped, and more. Wayfinders attempting to control this chaos will find the Gloom pushing back—implementing its own augmentations and modifiers to enemy damage, environmental hazards, and more where no two play sessions are the same.

Control the Chaos

Customize every play experience by stepping through a doorway of endless action with the help of a mysterious device known as a Gloom Dagger. Each adventure has unique modifiers and challenges you conjure and control, customizing what you hunt, and gather.

Become a Wayfinder

Born of the Gloom, Wayfinders wield arcane magic, mystical tech, or cunning weapons, to restore the balance of a broken world. Customize the way you fight by choosing your weapons and gear and augmenting your powers with the Echoes of your fallen foes.

Explore and Collect

Embark on hunts and expeditions to discover new locations, battle new enemies and even awaken powerful Wayfinders. Collect and craft weapons and gear as you complete your Atlas and increase Mastery. Participate in live events with ongoing character-driven content updates.

Stronger Together

Wayfinders are stronger together. From adventuring with friends to developing your Apartment and its powerful buffs to a neighborhood, all of your social interactions, character and housing progression are tied together by the most important thread… each other.

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