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Horizon: Zero Dawn Tops 10 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Horizon: Zero Dawn Tops 10 Million Units Sold Worldwide - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 May 2019 / 3,939 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Guerrilla Games announced the open-world action RPG, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has sold well over 10 million units worldwide. This figure is up from 7.6 million units sold in February 2018.

Horizon: Zero Dawn launched for PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2017.

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Angelv577 (on 28 February 2019)

Another successful 10m copies sold on ps4.

  • +12
JON0 (on 28 February 2019)

Highly deserved. H:ZD is my favorite new ip from this gen.

  • +9
Mospeada21CA (on 28 February 2019)

Congrats, SIE and Guerrilla Games!! Adding HZD: Complete Edition to my playlist.

  • +4
DonFerrari (on 28 February 2019)

Time to update the chartzm over 4.2M behind.

  • +3
pikashoe (on 28 February 2019)

I don't get the appeal of this game, i though it was pretty meh.

  • +2
Ljink96 pikashoe (on 28 February 2019)

Same, but it sold well. The industry is healthier and better because of new IP like this one.

  • +1
EricHiggin (on 28 February 2019)

"I'll always have a minute for you. Maybe even two."

  • +1
Qwark (on 28 February 2019)

One of the best games of this gen, so well deserved.

  • +1
FarleyMcFirefly (on 01 March 2019)

If I had a Ps4 I would totally own this. I'm just happy to see single player experiences still doing very well! And for a new IP!

  • 0
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