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Sony: PlayStation 3 Shipments Pass 70 Million - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 16 November 2012 / 13,117 Views

PlayStation 3 shipments are currently one month behind the Xbox 360. Sony has announced that on November 4, 70 million units of the PlayStation 3 has been shipped to retailers. To compare the Xbox 360 passed 70 million consoles shipped to retailers at the end of September.

The PlayStation 3 has reached this milestone almost six years to the day since it released in November 2006. The average number of units shipped per year is 11.67 million. As a note the console did release four months later in Europe, March, 2007. As a comparison, the PlayStation 2 shipped over 100 million units six years after it launched.

Sony also announced that as of November 11, 15 million PlayStation Move controllers have shipped. Also more than 400 games now support the use of the Move controller.

The PlayStation Network is now available in 59 countries and members have access to 170,000 downloadable digital content. There are now 3,590 titles for the PlayStation 3 which has sold more than 595 million games.

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VGKing (on 16 November 2012)

Congratz Sony on this milestone!

  • +18
Michael-5 (on 16 November 2012)

If PS3 keeps doing 70% as well as PS2, it could top PS1 sales, and maybe Wii too. Pretty sure PS3 will surpass 360 with Sony's post gen legs history.

  • +16
Vanstorm (on 16 November 2012)

It launched in Europe in March 2007, not 2006.

  • +14
VGKing Vanstorm (on 17 November 2012)

Which could explain why it sells so much more over there than here in America?

  • -1
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 16 November 2012)

no koweniky poist here? lol

  • +13
kowenicki ClassicGamingWizzz (on 17 November 2012)
  • -11
Ganoncrotch (on 17 November 2012)

From all the rumors and such stirring about in the MS camp atm it's pretty sure that the next Xbox will be announced in the next few months, as soon as that news hits you'll see 360 sales hit the floor and the ps3 is a cert to have taken 2nd place this gen after such a bad start that is a great outcome.
GG sony :D

  • +12
VGKing Ganoncrotch (on 17 November 2012)

I've been hearing much more PS4 rumors lately than fact we hear PS4 dev kits will be finalized before next summer, last I heard they had problems with horrible yields. They couldn't even create enough dev kits for developers.

  • 0
GamerCHICK (on 16 November 2012)


  • +8
Colocho (on 17 November 2012)

Congratz PS3. Lets shot for 80Mil next. Can they do it before the end of 2013? Almost guaranteed!

  • +7
Kai Master (on 17 November 2012)

Is there still any analysts who gives 360 winning over PS3 when all is done ?

  • +7
LivingMetal (on 19 November 2012)

It good to see that more and more consumers are buying a console with some of the best hardcore games around. I hope this means that the core of gaming is strengthening.

  • +6
Tridrakious (on 18 November 2012)

Let's not forget that the PS3 launched a year later than the Xbox 360. That was "conveniently" not put in the article.

  • +6
Marco (on 17 November 2012)

The ps3 have the best games 2012 and next year. gratulation.

  • +6
r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 21 November 2012)

congratulations to both Sony and it's consumers, without either this milestone would not have been possible.

  • +2
r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 21 November 2012)

congratulations to both Sony and it's consumers, without either this milestone would not have been possible.

  • +1
Serious_frusting (on 17 November 2012)

shhhh, the PS3 does not sell.

  • -4
powerguido (on 16 November 2012)

VGChartz will update your data?

  • -4
DemoniOtaku powerguido (on 16 November 2012)

This is Shiped data... VGCHartz count Sold only... based on mathematicals stuff...

  • +2
trunkswd powerguido (on 16 November 2012)

Just under 2 million PS3's on store shelves just before the holiday is normal.

  • +1
DonFerrari powerguido (on 17 November 2012)

Strange that people think that for Sony is normal to have 2 Million consoles on shelves but for Xbox 100.000 is a more accurate number because if Sony shipped 70 Million 1 month after Xbox so the difference in sales should be 1 month worth of sales (more or less) something like 400k~700k not 1,4M.

  • +1
Chark powerguido (on 17 November 2012)

I don't know anyone who seriously would say 100k on shelves that knows what they are talking about. Anyway, at least for last year Microsoft has over shipped 360 by quite a bit which would explain the 1.4 million if that number is accurate. Their over shipping is why they claimed to have sold the most world wide last year, even if they didn't really sell more.

  • 0
powerguido (on 17 November 2012)
  • -9
alastor@where (on 17 November 2012)
  • -14