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02/09/04 Nintendo
05/27/04 Nintendo
04/08/04 Nintendo

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15% Image Gallery
When attempting to unlock the 15% Image Gallery (one of the most difficult gallery to unlock), at the very end of the game after you have destroyed the mechanical form of Ridley, when evacuating you will encounter two heavily armored Space Pirates. To defeat these enemies first, use your flying somersault capability and jump down to the bottom of the room without touching the floor. Once you have caught their attention, immediately return to the upper floor. Wait until they are just getting over the edge, then blast them repeatedly. After shooting them, they will stop for a brief moment to attack. Do a spin jump to dodge the attack and land on the lower level of the room. After that, they will pursue you, jumping down to the bottom of the room. As soon as they land, fire a few shots then quickly return to the upper level of the room. Repeat the steps until they have both been defeated. Note: After the Space Pirates have been destroyed and you are docking their space vessel, a Space Pirate will attack by jumping out of the cockpit. Hold L and fire at him with the normal beam (not missiles).
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Proxy-Pie posted 13/10/2013, 03:45
where the fuck has this been all my life.
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roccerfeller posted 01/02/2010, 03:44
amazing. Ive played through this game more than any other game
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SmokedHostage posted 15/10/2009, 09:35
Beat it today. Great game overall. I'd give a 9/10.
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zenimus posted 28/05/2009, 08:11
Excellent game! The expanded section where the NES version ended was great.
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GOONYDUDE posted 09/01/2009, 08:47
Great Game.
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supermariouniverse posted 26/12/2008, 01:06
Just got this amazing game today. I really wonder what the sales are though....
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