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12/10/93 id Software
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01/01/93 id Software

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All the Cheats

Note:all cheats here work for Doom,Doom 2,Final Doom

Type idgod (God mode)

Type iddfa (All weapons & ammo)

Type idkfa (Same as iddfa but gives you keys as well)

Type idclip (Allows you to walk through walls/solid object accept for enemies re-type cheat to deactivate cheat)

Type idclev (Level skip type in a number to get access to a level example 12=LV12

Type idmus (Music track selector type in a number to listen to a music track)

Type idhold (Gain ability for a short period of time after typing in idhold type on of the following for I=invinceble R=radiaton suit S=Berserk pack A=auto map V=Invulnerability L=Light amplification visors

Type idmypos (displys location)

Type iddt (Reveal map of entire level you are on)

Type idchoppers (Gives you chainsw and i think it gives you some wepons as well not tryed yet)

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4 n/a 247 n/a 54 301
5 n/a 114 n/a 25 139
6 n/a 175 n/a 38 213
7 n/a 152 n/a 34 186
8 n/a 297 n/a 64 361
9 n/a 649 n/a 142 791
10 n/a 471 n/a 102 573

Opinion (12)

soulfly666 posted 24/11/2014, 11:07
Far and away the best game ever created. Nonstop fun from start to finish even 20+ years later. Flawless end to end execution from idea to final product.
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Miss piggy posted 24/02/2010, 07:18
10/10 : not a game,a myth !
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monlosez posted 16/05/2009, 06:58
Doom started all lol
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HanzoTheRazor posted 08/09/2008, 04:26
9.5/10 A legend game that helped shape todays industry.
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highwaystar101 posted 28/08/2008, 10:49
Christ, I'm play through this AGAIN, this game is as addictive as heroin.
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highwaystar101 posted 04/06/2008, 01:22
Doom is one of my all time favorite games, I still play it a lot today.
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