F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for Game Boy Advance

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F-Zero for Game Boy Advance



Nd Cube Co., Ltd.



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06/12/01 Nintendo
03/21/01 Nintendo
06/22/01 Nintendo

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Unlocking All Cars and Racers

I think this is all the cars in the game.

SLY JOKER: Beat the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks on regular

FALCON MK-II: Beat Pawn OR Knight OR Bishop tracks on Expert difficulty.

FIGHTING COMET: Beat the Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Queen tracks on Master

SILVER THUNDER: Beat the Queen track on the Expert difficulty.

STINGRAY: Beat the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks on the Expert

JET VERMILION: Unlock all other cars, then complete Championship mode
255 times. OR complete each series on Master Class with each of the
racers OR use your password.

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As of: December 2014

Opinion (3)

vykk8930 posted 19/05/2009, 05:01
Damn, this games was hard. I'm extremely proud to have unlocked all the vehicles in it the proper way (but I never want to or will do it again).
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Chibilobolib posted 17/04/2009, 10:21
Has anyone completed this 100%? It was prettly impossible for me to get anywhere near.
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coolestguyever posted 07/04/2008, 09:36
never really liked this game. i was too busy playing pokemon red
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