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クウォンタム セオリー


Team Tachyon



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09/28/10 Tecmo Koei
09/30/10 Tecmo Koei
09/24/10 Tecmo Koei

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Hunter (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 500 enemies.

Headache (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 200 enemies with headshots.

Major League (Bronze)
Objective: Land 200 combo throws.

Cut a Rug (Bronze)
Objective: Land 100 full combo attacks. (3 consecutive hits)

Ninja Style (Bronze)
Objective: Filena killed 50 enemies.

Privacy Issues (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 1 Watcher. (1/50)

Novice (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Novice.

Soldier (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Soldier.

Mercenary (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Mercenary.

Commando (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Commando.

Elite (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Elite.

Slayer (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Slayer.

Berserker (Bronze)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Berserker.

Lone Gunman (Bronze)
Objective: Kill all members of the opposing team alone. (8-player Team Battle)

All Mine (Bronze)
Objective: Kill all other players in an 8-player Deathmatch.

On a Roll (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 10 opponents in a row during one match.

Killing Spree (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 20 opponents in one match.

Triage (Bronze)
Objective: Revive 10 teammates in one match.

Stop Looking At Me! (Silver)
Objective: Destroy 20 Watchers. (20/50)

Storm (Silver)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Storm.

Predator (Gold)
Objective: Kill 1000 enemies.

Leave Me Alone! (Gold)
Objective: Destroy 50 Watchers. (50/50)

Immortal (Gold)
Objective: Obtain the rank of Immortal.

Destruction Incarnate (Platinum)
Objective: Obtain all trophies.

Secret Trophies

Pierce the Skin
Objective: Clear The Root of the Tower.

Through the Viscera
Objective: Clear Trachea.

Objective: Clear Lumenosynthetic Reactor 2.

Objective: Clear The Womb.

Clear Your Mind
Objective: Clear Cavitas Cranii.

Objective: Clear The Seed of Gnosis.

Dermal Lesion
Objective: Clear The Root of the Tower on Hard.

Internal Trauma
Objective: Clear Trachea on Hard.

Objective: Clear Lumenosynthetic Reactor 2 on Hard.

Objective: Clear The Womb on Hard.

Subdural Hematoma
Objective: Clear Cavitas Cranii on Hard.

Death & Rebirth
Objective: Clear the entire game on Hard.

Steady, Steady...
Objective: Shoot an enemy with a Plasma Lancer from 50m.

Getting Intimate
Objective: Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks using the Bloodcleaver.

Five Birds, One Stone
Objective: Hit 5 enemies with one shot from the Ifrit.


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1 n/a n/a 793 264 1,057
2 4,428 4,097 2,148 1,328 12,001
3 1,487 1,488 3,741 1,469 8,185
4 915 1,133 4,797 1,768 8,613
5 620 1,307 6,100 2,228 10,255
6 495 958 4,045 1,491 6,989
7 464 428 3,040 1,077 5,009
8 446 344 3,650 1,268 5,708
9 428 507 4,484 1,571 6,990
10 431 674 5,515 1,939 8,559

Opinion (7)

thewastedyouth posted 19/04/2012, 06:59
there is SO MUCH FAIL in this game I do not know where to begin
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ruimartiniman posted 31/12/2011, 06:23
Disappointing... crap.
Message | Report
zuvuyeay posted 21/10/2010, 05:26
does it have co-op i mean
Message | Report
zuvuyeay posted 21/10/2010, 05:25
is this a TPS,does have campaign co-op,anyone love for this game out there
Message | Report
urameshixr posted 20/11/2009, 03:07
confirmed multplayer online for quantum theory, woot!

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Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 24/01/2009, 09:52
The gears of war for PS3, hope it doesnt turn out to be like Dirge of Cerberus...
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