Tales of Legendia for PlayStation 2

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テイルズ オブ レジェンディア


Namco / Team MelFes



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02/07/06 Namco
08/25/05 Namco
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Unlockable Titles for Will Raynard
Non-story specific titles that can be acquired for Will.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Berserk Have Will defeat five enemies during a single battle
Brainy Champ Beat all advanced single matches on arena with Will
Combo Expert Be involved in a 60+ combo
Combo Master Be involved in a 100+ combo
Combo Newbie Be involved in a 10+ combo
Comboist Be involved in a 30+ combo
Crystal Master Learn all of Will's eres
Custodian Equip the Deck Brush hammer on Will.
Grand Sage Reach Level 100
Heihachi Acquired during the Character Quest Introduction
No More Pens Controlling Will in battle, use at least one regular attack and no eres without dying
Old Fighter Acquired during Chapter 2
Old Flower Man Complete Will's Character Quest
Old Fogey After the scene with Maurits in Maurits' Hermitage.
Old Hot-Head Acquired during Chapter 1
Old Maniac Acquired during Chapter 1
Old Professor Acquired during Will's Character Quest
One Shot Kill Use a Climax Combo to defeat the last enemy in a group and make sure Will gets the final hit
Pundit Reach Level 60
Rare Monster Find all rare items
Researcher Reach Level 20
Sage Reach Level 80
Scholar Reach Level 40
Testosterone Start battle with Will and 3 other male party members
The Spice of Life Have Will use all 7 elemental eres in a battle without dying
Wizard Start battle with Will and 3 other crystal eres members
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Mad55 posted 19/03/2010, 09:22
how the party sticks together is the probably the best aspect of the game. no party bonded like them.
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Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 21/01/2009, 02:42
This was my first tales to, and at the moment my only tales game i've played thus far.

Mainly because the style bugs me but it was an okay game.

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Dgc1808 posted 06/01/2009, 11:33
I enjoyed this. It was my first tales game and I thought the story was a bit soft and the voice acting was a bit annoying. I also hated hearing "Um, HAA, EAT THIS!!!" All the time, but despite that I still enjoyed the game.

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zexen_lowe posted 29/11/2008, 01:53
Not a bad game...but not a great one either. It just doesn't stand out.
And the voice acting is awful..."Senel...SENEL!!!!" drived me nuts
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novasonic posted 27/11/2008, 08:45
this is the abortion of the tales series
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Seraphic_Sixaxis posted 18/11/2008, 10:03
No love for legendia? Whhhy?!
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