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09/10/06 Paradox Interactive
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09/01/06 1C Company

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The Second World War was the most dramatic armed conflict in the history of humanity. However, strategic advantages were often gained not through an offensive of multi-thousand armies, but thanks to the efforts of a small group of specially trained soldiers – saboteurs. They gain the rear of the enemy just like if they were invisible, inflicting surprise blows to the core of the hostile defense. Using their vast combat experience, they helped the army to proceed with a successful offensive and crush the enemy in all directions without leaving them any chance for victory. Silent Heroes gives you a chance to take the lead of a group of saboteurs and fulfill a number of highly complicated tasks in the rear of the German army: capture an enemy officer, destroy hostile radars, occupy a railroad station and take part in the chase after a German “Tiger”.


  • Dozens of controllable equipment models, a vast choice of fire-arms, small arms, cold steel and more.
  • Highly interactive environments (almost everything seen can be destroyed).
  • A story-driven campaign focusing on sabotage missions behind enemy lines.
  • Opportunities to use any items and objects on the map as shelter.
  • Chances for players to seize, use and repair any pieces of equipment, including enemy ones.
  • Up-to-date detailed graphics, cinema effects and high quality videos.

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