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03/25/10 Hudson Soft
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03/11/10 Hudson Soft

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Are you ready for the darkness? Based loosely on themes drawn from Dante's "Divine Comedy", Rengoku is a dark journey of redemption into Purgatory - a tower between a "heaven and hell". This 3D action / RPG game, published by Konami, is built upon fighting your way up eight levels of the tower while upgrading and customizing yourself with the armaments of your fallen victims. As an android built for the sole mission of reaching the top of Purgatory's Tower, you suddenly develop self-awareness. As you begin to ponder your existence, the game takes a sudden shift. Why were you built with this goal in mind? Why have the humans made you murder other robots? With character designs by acclaimed manga artist Jun Suemi, Rengoku plays upon traditional Japanese science fiction themes and couples it intense action. The result is a deep nested storyline that will cater to action and role-playing gamers alike! In addition to its engrossing storyline, Rengoku features a random level generator, wireless multiplay, and customizable weapon configurations! For more information about the game, check this out!

  • Customize your character with weapons taken from defeated enemies
  • 4-way deathmatch mode
  • Trade items with other players!


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