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リアルバウト餓狼伝説スペシャル ドミネイテッドマイン


SNK Corporation



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06/25/98 SNK
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Geese Howard may have been dead, but that doesn't mean that Southtown is at peace again. A madman psycho, White, is planning to take over the city & to fulfill his objectives more easily, has brainwashed Billy Kane, Geese's right hand man. Fortunately, Terry has heard of this, as well as his friends & rivals. Most of them are planning to defeat White & to save Southtown again. 21 fighters, one of them a daredevil plane pilot, Alfred Airhawk to be exact. However, only 1 of them will get the chance to take on White & hopefully save the city, while the rest will have to lick thier wounds! Prepare for one of the best fighting experiences you'll ever see!


  • 21 immediately selectable characters. One of them a new character, Alfred Airhawk to be exact! He may be a daredevil plane pilot, but that doesn't mean that he's not a good fighter too!


  • All new "Final Impacts"! Cancel a regular special move into a super move when the going gets tough!


  • All new FMV sequences show the power of the PSX!


  • Tons of exclusive bonus features, like unlockable super moves & artwork to name a few. The replay value is huge for this game!


  • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Dominated Mind is only available on PSX, but you can get Real Bout Fatal Fury Special for the Saturn, Neo Geo AES, MVS, Neo Geo CD, & Gameboy which is similar to Dominated Mind, but has much less content.

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