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I Love Mickey Mouse! Fushigi no Oshiro Daibouken


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01/01/90 Sega
11/21/90 Sega
01/01/90 Sega

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The search is on! Mickey tackles magnificent lands where fantasy and danger become real. A waterspout whirls Mickey around. A frantic Toyland suddenly flips upside down. To stay on his feet, Mickey runs, leaps, and bounces, slinging apples and marbles at his enemies.

Mickey is on the trail of a wicked Witch named Mizrabel, who has kidnapped Minnie. Mickey must find seven gems hidden in the fantastic chambers and underground mazes of Mizrabel's Castle of Illusion and use them to save Minnie.

In this scary adventure, Mickey must brave chomping Bonefish, vaporous Ghosts, and taunting Bats. He must battle knights and leaping dragons!

Wobble with Mickey on floating leaves, but look out for spiders! Venture into a looney library where even the books attack! Then, get ready to challenge your most dangerous foe, evil Witch Mizrabel herself!

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Kai Master posted 06/10/2009, 09:54
One of the games I so much wanted but didn't have a mega drive at the time, I ended up never playing it... :/
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Kai Master posted 06/10/2009, 09:52
no sales data? I've seen a a website's game members's collections that it is the 2nd most owned Mickey game after World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (GEN).
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Ronster316 posted 11/09/2008, 10:47
Classic platformer on a classic console............
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smj1860 posted 11/09/2008, 03:22
Such an awesome, fun game. I used to play it all the time on my Genesis! I think it got the second most play time behind the first Sonic.
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nathantay posted 16/08/2008, 02:17
I love this more than any of the 2D Sonics or Marios. 10/10
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