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07/15/16 Capcom
11/28/15 Capcom
07/15/16 Capcom

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1 1,486,488 n/a n/a 1,486,488
2 347,848 n/a n/a 347,848
3 193,720 n/a n/a 193,720
4 189,597 n/a n/a 189,597
5 191,914 n/a n/a 191,914
6 132,417 n/a n/a 132,417
7 60,944 n/a n/a 60,944
8 36,588 n/a n/a 36,588
9 19,970 n/a n/a 19,970
10 16,009 n/a n/a 16,009

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Rob5VGC posted 18/08/2016, 11:18
3m. nice.
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drmaster2 posted 17/08/2016, 08:35
I put 200 hours into MH4U and really loved that game, but just didn't want to "risk" putting that much time into one of these again, so I'm not buying. Plenty of other games to play. Dragon Quest VII next month for sure.
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greencactaur posted 13/08/2016, 07:26
I think it mostly has to do with this coming out not to long after MH4u. Most people don't feel the need to go out and buy this. Also most people do probably think it's a spin off. That being said this is by far my favorite monster hunter :D
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hunter_alien posted 13/08/2016, 03:40
@b00moscone As expected. The west is still not the bread and butter of the MH universe but its still selling enough to warrant a localization. IMO it actually grew itself out like a pretty decent performer in the last couple of years.
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