The Last of Us

Global Total as of 02nd May 2015 (units): 3.00m
Platform: PlayStation 4Also on: PlayStation 3
Developer: Naughty Dog Genre: Adventure

Total Units

North America: 1.27m 42.3%
+ Europe: 1.12m 37.2%
+ Japan: 0.07m 2.2%
+ Rest of the World: 0.55m 18.4%
= Global 3.00m

Release History

The Last of Us Remastered Sony Computer Entertainment AmericaNorth America29th July 2014Retail
The Last of Us Remastered Sony Computer EntertainmentEurope29th July 2014Retail
The Last of Us Remastered Sony Computer EntertainmentJapan21st August 2014Retail

Game Overview

The Last of Us is an action-adventure post-apocalyptic third-person survival horror game developed by Naughty Dog exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game follows the story of Joel, a middle-aged black-marketeer, and Ellie, a brave teenage girl, as they work together to survive in cities reclaimed by nature, decimated by plague, and littered with gangs and other hostile survivors.

Two decades after a cordyceps-type fungus has infected millions, nature has gradually retaken the abandoned cities and towns. Survivors are hemmed inside quarantine zones, completely under the heel of the United States military, with order and screening for any infected being viciously maintained under martial law. Joel finds himself responsible for the young Ellie, whom he has promised an old friend he will get away from the harsh regime to a resistance group known as the Fireflies.


Dadrik (2 hours ago)
Yay for 3M !
ZombieVito (on 11 May 2015)
I wonder if it can reach 4 million by
new year.
tokilamockingbrd (on 03 April 2015)
Sony wants everyone to play this and see
how good it is. All this says to me is
TLOU2 is well underway(why else would
they be so focused on expanding the
audience for this game).
fluky-nintendy (on 07 March 2015)
This might as well become the best
selling game of all time if it keeps
getting bundled in the future. I really
hope they never stop because it's
either one of the best games ever
created and also a part of PS as a
Kerotan (on 26 February 2015)
I dunno what the sales were when you
said that darkenergy but they are likely
right now. Beastly sales!

sales for this are strong too and they
will be massive going forward
considering the digital bundle now in
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