Get Even

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): N/A
Platform: PlayStation 4Also on: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Developer: Farm 51 Genre: Shooter

Release History

Get Even UnknownEuropeTBA 2016Retail
Get Even Farm 51North America23rd June 2017Retail
Get Even Farm 51EuropeTBA 2018Playstation Store
Get Even Farm 51North AmericaTBA 2018Playstation Store

Game Overview

Get Even is a first-person shooter game being developed by The Farm 51 for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is a story-driven experience that looks to blend single and multiplayer content, with enemies being either A.I. or other players. Other unique features include advanced weaponry and a new graphics system that utilizes real-world scanning to deliver photorealistic graphics.

The story follows Black, an illegal investigator, who works for government and VIPs to gather uncomfortable evidence and, sometimes, to hide inconvenient truth. From his point of view, the answer to the question "What is real?" depends on what is shown to others and what's hidden from them. And in this kind of job, there are always victims. However, one of them appears to be not an ordinary scapegoat... What if you can change what already happened, but you can't alter what's gonna be next?