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07/13/05 Capcom
08/07/03 Sony Computer Entertainment
01/23/04 Ubisoft

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Not since the days of Amiga's fiendishly addictive 'Pinball Dreams' has a ball-bearing-based title captured the imaginations of this dedicated team of fin-flippers here at PlayStation.com quite so completely. The arrival of this unmistakably Japanese offering was greeted with unprecedented levels of excitement in the office when the quote on the front of the box was read aloud by staff writer and self-proclaimed pinball sim pro Dan Maher: "Flipnic is an enjoyable simple-action amazing pinball game for you". And UbiSoft's delightfully surreal game is just that, a wonderfully entertaining slice of ball-flipping action that anyone can enjoy.

The first thing you'll notice when you get your mitts on Flipnic is just how huge the 'tables' are. Based on five different themes, including Jungle, Techno and Metal, these unique worlds contain stunning landscapes, complete with their own individual wildlife, flora and fauna. The first set of tables has a lush tropical look, with butterflies floating over the game as you frantically bash buttons in an attempt to achieve Flipnic's surreal objectives. The challenges include saving pink flamingos from the jaws of hungry crocodiles, destroying UFOs, and feeding hungry monkeys by knocking bananas into their waiting paws. And when you're not putting your mean pinballing skills to the test in single-player mode, you can also throw down the gauntlet to friends in multiplayer modes, with Pinball Soccer and Pinball Basketball available for two-player action. Possibly the most surreal addition to the genre, Flipnic sports beautifully vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and some of the best ball physics you'll ever encounter in a pinball sim

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