Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.74m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Atlus Genre: Role-Playing

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
07th June 20141187,050N/A187,050
14th June 2014231,456-83.2%218,506
21st June 2014311,627-63.0%230,133
28th June 201446,849-41.1%236,982
05th July 201454,761-30.5%241,743
12th July 201463,060-35.7%244,803
19th July 201472,644-13.6%247,447
26th July 201481,766-33.2%249,213
02nd August 201491,550-12.2%250,763
09th August 2014101,207-22.1%251,970

Japan Annual Summary (Units)



Darwinianevolution (on 01 January 2016)
This has sold really well for a Persona
game, I'm surprised Sega hasn't pushed
the Persona franchise more on the 3DS. A
port of Persona 1, 2, 2.2 and 3 from the
PSP would have sold well on the 3DS, and
they would be cheap to port.
Kresnik (on 23 September 2015)
Atlus don't release games in Europe,
they always rely on another publisher
picking them up. And other publishers
don't really care about translating
into more languages (= more work), just
getting a cheap distribution deal for a
game which has already been translated.
Goodnightmoon (on 25 May 2015)
They dont translate any persona game to
Europe languages, just English. Even
this one. This would have decent sales
on Europe if wasnt for that.
Gammalad (on 04 February 2015)
Good sales, maybe this will convince
Atlus to port P3P to the 3DS, and
perhaps P4G to the Wii U eShop
ExplodingBlock (on 26 November 2014)
Almost 100k pre-orders
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