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Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox One, Linux
Developer: BetaDwarf Genre: Role-Playing

Release History

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Game Overview

FORCED is an online role-playing game developed by BetaDwarf Entertainment and released on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Xbox One. The game focuses on 1-4 person cooperative arena combat with puzzle elements and all start out as gladiator slaves, forced to fight for their survival as they attempt to escape.

You have been marked as heroes for your entire life. When you come of age, ancient tradition dictates that you travel down a mysterious tunnel. The tunnel is the only exit out of your village, surrounded as it is by massive cliffs. No one has ever returned from the tunnel, and no one knows where it leads. However, you have realized that you won't solve the mystery of your village's fate unless you uncover where the tunnel leads.