Aralon: Sword and Shadow

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Platform: AndroidAlso on: iOS
Developer: Crescent Moon Games Genre: Role-Playing

Release History

Aralon: Sword and Shadow Crescent Moon GamesEurope28th June 2012App Store
Aralon: Sword and Shadow Crescent Moon GamesNorth America28th June 2012App Store
Aralon: Sword and Shadow UnknownNorth America28th June 2012Retail

Game Overview

Aralon Sword and Shadow was developed by Crescent Moon Games and Galoobeth Games and is available to play on the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.  The game was originally released on December 4, 2010 and several updates have occurred since then, the latest occurring on June 24, 2013 (for Android).  These updates have added new areas to explore, mounts, quests, weapons and armor to name a few.  Aralon is an epic 3D role-playing adventure that focuses on a compelling story in an open world ready for exploration.

"That which is done cannot be undone, but it can be avenged."  Aralon can only be played by one character at a time and that character is the child of Renlyn Lordel, deceased former Captain of King Owyn's Royal Guard.  Players are approached by Sir Roderick, a friend of Captain Lordel, who tells him or her that Aralon is on the brink of destruction.  The player must seek out friends of his or her father in towns and cities across Aralon, completing challenges that help citizens and rid the kingdom of problems.  The main quest, though, is to obtain a magical scepter that will unmask a demon, Merificus, that has undue influence over King Owyn.  Once King Owyn is free from Merificus' influence, the player must battle Merificus in his true form in a remote mountain location, Shadowspire.