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09/18/07 Konami
09/27/07 Konami
03/14/08 Konami

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In Coded Arms Contagion you play a Special Ops officer Jacob Grant whose unit is deep into a training mission within a newly commissioned combat simulator. When he suddenly loses contact with his squad, it is evident that the simulator has gone wrong and must immediately locate him missing team and get to the cause of the problem. It quickly becomes evident that hackers have taken over the simulation and infected with a virus that has corrupted the system, mutated enemies and turned the internal defences of the training program onto the Spec Ops unit themselves.

With the virus running ragged through the three main gameplay worlds that make up the 15 levels, there is a huge amount of interaction to be had with the environments. Players can hack into turrets, terminals and doors to gain access to new areas or gain themselves valuable breathing space. Weapons, armour and abilities can be upgraded as well as collecting more experimental weapons affected by the virus like the Data Leech.

All the while the player is communicating with the Military Command HQ who hosted the training until the hackers took over as both parties try to escape the disease infecting the system. Improved graphics, tighter gameplay and a fantastic eight-player multiplayer option featuring adhoc or infrastructure modes gives huge gameplay variety on specially created deathmatch levels.


Source - www.konami.com

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