Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Global Total as of 14th Nov 2015 (units): 1.99m
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: h.a.n.d. Inc. Genre: Role-Playing

Total Units

North America: 1.07m 53.6%
+ Europe: 0.26m 13.0%
+ Japan: 0.53m 26.8%
+ Rest of the World: 0.13m 6.6%
= Global 1.99m

Release History

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Square EnixJapan30th May 2009Retail
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Square EnixNorth America29th September 2009Retail
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Square EnixEurope09th October 2009Retail

Game Overview

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a role-playing game developed by h.a.n.d. and released on Nintendo DS.

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Rob5VGC (on 20 November 2015)
It just moved from 1.98 to 1.99 as
during October 31st(site checking up
with sales).

@think-man It's been 2
years, so you probably already know, but
just in KH game has been
released digitally...then and now(not
counting mobile).
think-man (on 29 July 2013)
Still hasnt beat BBS :D with BBS digital
sales its probably decently ahead.
MANUELF (on 22 March 2013)
This was my first kingdom hearts game
and since then I have bought and beat
this game, KH and KH2, even though this
game has the worst controls and graphics
of them I really liked the game and the
DieAppleDie (on 19 January 2013)
Thats great Basil, cause i just bought
this alongside KH and KHII :)
BasilZero (on 30 January 2012)
Squareenix creates another installation
of the popular Kingdom Hearts series.
This game takes place after Kingdom
Hearts I , during Chain of Memories and
before Part II. The game's storyline
explains the events before part 2 and to
the origin of Roxas who now plays the
protagonist role. The game includes
familiar worlds with a different set of
routes from the previous games. The
gameplay is similar but includes a
complex structure compared to previous
games. This is by far the most difficult
Kingdom Hearts game and can be the most
annoying at the same time. Not
recommended for beginners of the series
as you wont like the gameplay as much
nor would you understand the storyline.
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