Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 4.60m
Platform: WiiAlso on: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Neversoft Entertainment Genre: Misc

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atma998 (on 05 September 2014)
Died at 4.57M, just between the PS2 version (4.98M) and the X360 version (4.45M), but quite ahead of the PS3 one (2.20M).
atma998 (on 26 July 2013)
Yes, 4.53M!
atma998 (on 22 July 2012)
4.48M...wonder if it will reach 4.5M?
GranTurismoHelperMax (on 18 June 2009)
Gr8 game but I sold it bcus no1 plays it online anymore.
coonana (on 21 May 2009)
why are people buying so much of GHIII when GH:WT is out. What is wrong with the average fool of a wii owner.

New Play Control Mario Tennis is going to sell a million while GTA: CTW struggles to be a golden seller.
Chrizum (on 11 May 2009)
This one is undertracked in America.

Nintendo said GH3 sold best on the Wii there, and now it's being outsold by the PS3 version according to VGChartz. Yeah right...
coonana (on 06 May 2009)
woot 4.20
naruto3336 (on 06 May 2009)
@ jefforagne Mario Sonic is second party. SEGA AND Nintendo made it.
laahs2 (on 17 April 2009)
OMG great sales ^^
jefforange89 (on 16 April 2009)
You're forgetting Mario and Sonic, naruto3336.
trestres (on 27 March 2009)
Now that I check sales, the 360 version is selling better on a weekly basis, so I don't know.
trestres (on 27 March 2009)
Should pass the 360 version soon, PS2 hmm, that's a bit too far.
naruto3336 (on 23 March 2009)
lol 4 MILLION!!!! The best selling third party game on the wii!
llewdebkram (on 25 February 2009)
Can't believe no 1 has said..... 4 million!!
Chrizum (on 08 February 2009)
I'm pretty sure it will overtake the PS2 version eventually. Might make it january next year.
arsenal009 (on 01 February 2009)
PS2 version is still higher. But i can't believe it surpassed the 360 version, it started off so far behind. Legs FTW!
Roy03 (on 20 January 2009)
PS2 Version still is 0,5 m ahead and sells as well, I don't think GH3 for Wii will catch up.
TopCat8 (on 19 January 2009)
This is officially the best selling version of Guitar Hero III. At least worldwide. It still hasn't caught up with 360 in America, but it's only a matter of time.
WiiBox3 (on 14 January 2009)
WOW 3 million in the US
SnowFlow (on 14 January 2009)
@ naruto3336-

naruto3336 (on 12 January 2009)
naruto3336 (on 12 January 2009)
naruto3336 (on 12 January 2009)
naruto3336 (on 12 January 2009)
Foote (on 12 January 2009)
Definitely worth picking up. Every game console has to have at least 1 music game in it's arsenal nowadays.
brute (on 04 January 2009)
It seems this still hasn't outsold the 360 version, maybe it got adjusted down? Or the 360 version got adjusted up?
TheConduit (on 02 January 2009)
The Wii completely dominates casual gaming and is starting to become a serious hard core game competitor.
2009 the year that decides the fate of this generation though sales of games and announcements for future games.
DavidValbu (on 30 December 2008)
Excellent sales! Outsold 360 one!
TheConduit (on 30 December 2008)
With this outselling the Xbox 360 version soon and World tour
utterly defeating the 360 version
Wii will once again crush alll casual gamer opposition.
cacafina (on 27 December 2008)
outsold the 360 version yeah!!!
zleep (on 26 December 2008)
Outsold the 360 version!!

Next, PS2 one.
Incandescence (on 21 December 2008)
Oooh shnaps, might outsell the 360 version next week.
Zucas (on 14 December 2008)
Well maybe it will take down the 360 version. That would be kinda cool.
kopstudent89 (on 04 December 2008)
Wow sold 53k this week... thats amazing considering its now over 1 year in the market!

So GH:WT hasnt affected it yet, and has a chance of outselling 360 version... awesome!!
Fido (on 21 November 2008)
Great sales but i think the GH Franchise peaked with No 3. GH 4 startet way lower and Activisions ambition to release like 50 different versions of GH doesn't really help
peetee (on 16 October 2008)
Amazing sales.

GH4 may become a 5 million seller on Wii!
dp666 (on 14 October 2008)
Bought it today for EUR 39,99, nornal price is between EUR 70 and 80. Great game although easy ist still difficult to me.
GranTurismoHelperMax (on 15 August 2008)
gr8 game, i still play it although cant beat some songs on expert (especially last 2 sets on career)
skunkfish (on 12 August 2008)
Expect the Wii version to shoot back up the Europe/Others chart.

Amazon have been selling it a reduced price (£39.97 instead of £69.99 in UK) leading to it topping the Amazon chart for most of the week.
ZaP~ (on 29 July 2008)
Awesome game, anyone want an online match?
RockSmith372 (on 25 July 2008)
joe, it ain't gonna happen because the next guitar hero will be out and everyone will stop buying this and go buy that.
bigjon (on 23 July 2008)
I think the chances are high, remember the GH series does not seem to die off right when a sequal comes out. GH4 for Wii could be a sellout again for Cmas this year and that in turn could give this a final push to make up the 200k difference.

The real question is whether or not GH4 will sell best on the Wii, 360 or PS2... I think in the last year many casual PS2 owner have gotten Wii's so I think that the PS2 version which got 4 million this time around may struggle to sell 2 million this time around, and I think most of those sales will go to the Wii.
joe_shannon (on 23 July 2008)
What are the chances that the Wii version surpasses GH3 for the Xbox 360?

The Wii version is at 3.00 million and the Xbox 360 version is at 3.19 million.
11ht11 (on 22 July 2008)
3 million!!!
kopstudent89 (on 22 July 2008)
@gear box
It wasnt released in europe, just some other regions in "others", probabely australia
Chrizum (on 19 July 2008)
3 million next week!
ctk495 (on 16 July 2008)
Awesome game,playing it right now.
MontanaHatchet (on 12 July 2008)
Gearbox: I think it has to do with stock problems.
whacker41 (on 03 July 2008)
It's almost at 3 mil. Hope it gets there soon. It would've been there already if the Japanese pitched in a bit more.
Gearbox (on 01 July 2008)
so why were the first 2 weeks of this game such horrible sales weeks for others?
GranTurismoHelperMax (on 23 June 2008)
@ rudysr8

lol. awked statement. mentioned no guitar but GH Aerosmith will also be in a bundle as well that comes with a guitar.

Go GH3! And GHWT should be great
Gearbox (on 21 June 2008)
AMAZING LEGS JUST AMAZING, look it up on the chartz weekly
dontsee (on 20 June 2008)
yes, guitar grom GH3 will work with GHWT
goto ign and read details
robond (on 19 June 2008)
Will the guitar from Guitar Hero 3 work on Guitar Hero World Tour?
Diglet (on 15 June 2008)
lol this gams gonna stop selling like next week because people will wait 4 aerosmith.
thetonestarr (on 06 June 2008)
lol@ second week in japan
MontanaHatchet (on 02 June 2008)
"Like," is relative.

Very relative ;-)
Onimusha12 (on 02 June 2008)
It beat your prediction by 1,473 its first week Montana, lol.
trestres (on 28 May 2008)
It will definatley become the best selling version for consoles of this gen.
peetee (on 23 May 2008)
Maw I think it will sell 5 copies in Japan
MontanaHatchet (on 18 May 2008)
You realize that it's going to sell like, 2 copies in Japan, right?
hihihi (on 13 May 2008)
this will surpass the 360 versoin becuase when it comes out in JP this will be the best selling nex gen versoin
dvarca1231 (on 03 May 2008)
yea but Rock Band is releasing for the Wii about 4 or 5 months before GH4 does...chances are people will pick up both. I honestly am debating about Rock Band because EA gave us the shaft and then now their shafting us again by giving us the PS2 version (no online and other modes are also excluded)
robond (on 30 April 2008)
I want DLC now on the Wii! Maybe Nintendo could make the Wii read direct from the SD card so we can have DLC on this and other games aswell.
JSR21278 (on 26 April 2008)
I hope the wii vertion outsells the other vertions and then the next guitar hero will get some awesome wii support!!!!
kopstudent89 (on 22 April 2008)
Well it may not GH4 may not sell as well as this with Rock Band coming. Still you never know
dvarca1231 (on 16 April 2008)
glad to see that the Wii version is selling nice, makes me wonder if they will actually put some time in GH4 for the Wii or if it will be another poor port of the PS2 version...time will tell
11ht11 (on 14 April 2008)
almost 2 million in NA
Everlast (on 09 April 2008)
Great game to play whilst drunk and with friends... Or not drunk.. whatever floats your boat.
Kihniö (on 30 March 2008)
Sales are very impressive..
It almost defines the variety of wii owners
kopstudent89 (on 27 March 2008)
man, it's outselling the 360 and PS2 versions by alot... nice legs!
bigjon (on 27 March 2008)
I am thinking this will pass the 360 version eventually. I don't think it will have time to pass the PS2 version before another GH comes out...
ctk495 (on 27 March 2008)
yay 2 million.
Sherlock99 (on 26 March 2008)
wow 2 million
Onimusha12 (on 20 March 2008)
Wonder if its legs will give it an edge over the 360 version in the end?
Gnosis (on 20 March 2008)
This title is doing really well in America. 2million ww now. I hope it can keep it up.
xstonexcold316x (on 19 March 2008)
2 million
hihihi (on 17 March 2008)
No M&SatOG is
AJM Ruler (on 17 March 2008)
Getting close to 2 million in sales. It is already the best selling third party title on the Wii!
4D Gamer III (on 07 March 2008)
With the Wii double guitar version comming up this version could arguably outsell the 360 version as it has already displayed the best legs of all but the PS2 version thus far.
Krim (on 15 February 2008)
Yes. Yes it will sell over 2 million.
11ht11 (on 13 February 2008)
do you guys think this will pass 2 million?
Neos (on 09 February 2008)
lol guitar hero in japan? ROFL
coonana (on 07 February 2008)
where are japanese sales I always see this problem at VGchartz
bigjon (on 30 January 2008)
must have been a nice supply boost this week : ), it outsold the 360 version on a smaller NA Userbase
bluster (on 23 January 2008)
When you think it will reach the 2 million mark?
tibisor (on 09 January 2008)
i couldn't agree more... imagine if all "siamese dream" will be available for download...
sunday_goes (on 04 January 2008)
cherub rock from the smashing pumpkins is the best song to rock
omgwtfbbq (on 29 December 2007)
I wish I could buy this goddamn game. I've been looking everywhere and I can't find it. This is in Australia, btw, where even Wiis are able to be found for Christmas.
pavadox (on 29 December 2007)
where are the japanese sales?
naznatips (on 29 December 2007)
Just bought it today. It's a blast. I doubt it will outsell the PS2 version but it should outsell the 360 version.
Girl Gamer Elite (on 28 December 2007)
I predict this game will be the best selling version once it becomes more available.
xstonexcold316x (on 27 December 2007)
1 million!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 27 December 2007)
eyyyyyyyyyy, 1 million :)
kopstudent89 (on 19 December 2007)
wow, so the game was undertracked and another 1 million seller for the wii!!!
Kamahl (on 18 December 2007)
hilarious... the score is 8.01 and the ps3 version has like 4.5 even though it has no reason to be worse.... it has downloadables and better graphics (not that they matter in this game but still nice)
Gnosis (on 18 December 2007)
It's so close. 0.99million. Very good for a third party title on the Nintendo Wii. It will be a million by next week =D.
Zucas (on 18 December 2007)
GHIII on Wii equal awesome. Best selling 3rd party title in America right now and might hold out on that over Mario and Sonic. Great to see 3rd parties have success. Opens the doorways for others.
naznatips (on 18 December 2007)
Already about 1 million worldwide. Great!
havenbcn (on 18 December 2007)
next week... another milion gameeeeeeeee..!!!
snowdog (on 16 December 2007)
European sales data is always sketchy for both hardware and software due to us not having organisations such as Media Create and NPD etc. I'd say for most game sales you could safely add at least 100,000 to 200,000 to the European sales to have a more realistic figure for all platforms.

Haven't got this yet, might get it after Christmas depending on how my finances go!
kopstudent89 (on 12 December 2007)
^^^I guess it was released in some countries before other major ones
Dablado (on 12 December 2007)
whats up with the europe sales for this one?!?!
stof (on 12 December 2007)
Does anyone else think the crowd in this game is a drugged out cult? I mean they all just do one of two motions over and over again. It's actually kind of distracting.

That said, awesome game. I really like how the Wii version makes use of the Wiimote's rumble and speaker in your guitar.
coonana (on 11 December 2007)
the wii version is the best one once they get surround sound and DLC in january
Girl Gamer Elite (on 06 December 2007)
It seems most people don't know there is a Wii version.
Parokki (on 06 December 2007)
I've heard some people talk about supply problems, stores not even starting to carry it until a week after release etc.

Even with those things considered, I'm surprised by how badly this is doing in Europe. All my nerd friends love it, and even a bunch of normal people I know play it from time to time.
DarkNight_DS (on 04 December 2007)
Ya... why the slow start in others and then a jump to 25k?
thanny (on 04 December 2007)
wth "others" sales???
3k -> 2k -> 25k???
Aeros (on 26 November 2007)
Thanks for the link Montana
MontanaHatchet (on 14 November 2007)

Like most internet fads, the original quote wasn't all that funny.
fazz (on 12 November 2007)
I don't seem to get the "over 9000" joke ...
Chadius (on 08 November 2007)
But...that's over 9000!
kopstudent89 (on 08 November 2007)
hey sales are at 271000!!:p
xstonexcold316x (on 05 November 2007)
this game is awesome....but my blue button gets stuck and its really hard to play the last couple of songs without a blue button for half the song....


atma998 (on 05 September 2014)
Died at 4.57M, just between the PS2
version (4.98M) and the X360 version
(4.45M), but quite ahead of the PS3 one
atma998 (on 26 July 2013)
Yes, 4.53M!
atma998 (on 22 July 2012)
4.48M...wonder if it will reach 4.5M?
GranTurismoHelperMax (on 18 June 2009)
Gr8 game but I sold it bcus no1 plays it
online anymore.
coonana (on 21 May 2009)
why are people buying so much of GHIII
when GH:WT is out. What is wrong with
the average fool of a wii owner.

Play Control Mario Tennis is going to
sell a million while GTA: CTW struggles
to be a golden seller.
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