Super Mario 3D World

Global Total as of 07th Nov 2015 (units): 3.63m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo Genre: Platform

Total Units

North America: 1.85m 50.9%
+ Europe: 0.90m 24.7%
+ Japan: 0.66m 18.3%
+ Rest of the World: 0.22m 6.1%
= Global 3.63m

Release History

Super Mario 3D World NintendoJapan21st November 2013Retail
Super Mario 3D World NintendoNorth America22nd November 2013Retail
Super Mario 3D World NintendoEurope29th November 2013Retail

Game Overview

Super Mario 3D World is the first 3D mario game for the Wii U. The game draws heavily from its predecessor Super Mario 3D Land. It will feature up to four player simultaneous co-op with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Each character will have different traits when played such as Princess Peach being able to float similar to in Super Mario Bros. 2.

New gameplay elements will be introduced in this game including the ability to turn into a Cat (by collecting a bell), Kuribo Skates, and an Orange Yoshi that turns into a raft. Super Mario 3D World is set for release in December 2013.


S.Peelman (on 30 October 2015)
Nintendo says 4.47m as of september

Come on, beat Sunshine already!
TheGoldenBoy (on 30 July 2015)
Adjusted up, was listed at 3.21m as of
Jun 20th 2015.
Skullwaker (on 12 May 2015)
Yeah, this is incredibly undertracked.
Are adjustments ever done for games long
after their launch period?
chidori-chan2 (on 12 May 2015)
Mario 3D sold 4.10 million acording
BruB (on 22 March 2015)
It's got to be around 5 million with
Digital sales and the bundles. Other
wise what are the other 6 million Wii U
owners playing.
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