The Order: 1886

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 1.76m
Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer: Ready at Dawn Genre: Shooter

Total Units

North America: 0.63m 35.6%
+ Europe: 0.79m 44.7%
+ Japan: 0.07m 4.1%
+ Rest of the World: 0.28m 15.7%
= Global 1.76m

Release History

The Order: 1886 Sony Computer EntertainmentEurope20th February 2015Retail
The Order: 1886 Sony Computer EntertainmentJapan20th February 2015Retail
The Order 1866 Sony Computer EntertainmentNorth America20th February 2015Retail

Game Overview

The Order: 1886 is a third-person action/adventure game with strong shooting elements, developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica and published by Sony exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

The game is set in an alternate universe of Victorian England, where a war between humanity and inhuman foes has sparked the industrial revolution in an effort to finally end the war.


thewastedyouth (on 06 September 2016)
this sold way more than I exprected
Dadrik (on 19 May 2016)
+1 Mr. Puggsly on that one.
So much
potential, but it just ended up being a
boring game. Cool story, amazing
visuals, but not a lot of fun. Big
Teeqoz (on 05 April 2016)
This is overtracked by like 200k in the
Mr Puggsly (on 14 February 2016)
I think Rise of The Tomb Raider is gonna
catch up with this, so that means this
is a flop! (joking... kinda sotra)

anyway, I just finished this game.
And... I like the story but the gameplay
is underwhelming. Slow, linear,
repetitive combat, no replay value, too
many QTEs, cliff hanger ending, much
more focus on story than gameplay. If
you could skip cutscenes this game would
probably just be a few hours. This is
the kind of game many core gamers don't
want but they made it anyway. Did they
not see the criticism Ryse received?
Ryse is an arguably better game by the

Its a shame because it seems
like there was so much potential here.
In fact, I would like to see a sequel to
this. They need to overhaul the gameplay
to something that feels more like Gears.
More freedom, more dynamic combat, more
gameplay, maybe good multiplayer and
split screen co-op. The has many great
ideas and this could become a great
series, but they fucked up its first
darkenergy (on 24 December 2015)
@Colocho there are other people that are
admitting that the Order is a
failure(did you miss fluky-nintendy
comment here?), I am not the only person
saying it.
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