Sunset Overdrive

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 1.16m
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: Insomniac Games Genre: Shooter

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Mentore (on 19 December 2016)
Best exclusive on X1.

Can't wait for the new Spider-man game by Insomniac.
Mr Puggsly (on 13 September 2016)
I hope we see some sort of update to take advantage of Scorpio (60 fps please) and perhaps a PC port.
darkenergy (on 01 August 2016)
OR maybe if Sony let Insomnia keep Sunset Overdrive but Sony wanted to own the IP but instead they went to Microsoft.
Dyllyo (on 29 June 2016)
@ thewastedyouth

I think the REAL problem was that Insomniac even made a deal with Microsoft in the first place. They should have stuck with Sony. That's where there fanbase has always been.
thewastedyouth (on 08 June 2016)
this is an amazing game and it is so sad that most of the people who would have bought this game back in the 360 migrated to the PS4 because of Microsoft idiotic ideas back in 2013
sales2099 (on 23 April 2016)
It broke 1 million, which many thought it wouldn't do. Xbox One just doesn't have the numbers of the PS4userbase, but we still seem to support these exclusives enough to break the milestones over time.
darkenergy (on 20 April 2016)
@Skeetys this isn't a failure, not even close.
Mr Puggsly (on 19 April 2016)
@Skeetys - I'm sure you hope SFV has the same clause.

We really don't know if this game made a profit. Also, MS funded this game which is why its their exclusive. You seem to think Insomniac went with MS for no apparent reason.
H3ADShOt3 (on 15 April 2016)
@Skeetys .... You really think they didn't make a profit for this game? The sales for this game are pretty good. I'm impressed considering how short the story was that it still managed to sell over a million. Congrats Insomniac!
GodOfPeace3 (on 15 April 2016)
I hope there was a clause in this exclusive contract that said if the game sells under 1.5 million copies in 1 year that they will release it to everything else like Wii U/NX PS3, PS4, PS Vita, 3DS. So at least they can make some money.
GodOfPeace3 (on 15 April 2016)
WOW, what a failure. I am sad that Xbox owners don't appreciate single player games. Even if this does have multiplayer arena mode. I wish MS gamers didn't expect everything to be MP focused or else they won't even try it. It's sad. Especially with good games like Scalebound coming. I hope it can break 300k sales worldwide.
Mr Puggsly (on 27 March 2016)
A lot of people will have it now because of GwG. Good move by MS, give a good game and not some forgettable indie game.
iceland (on 10 March 2016)
Not arguing that. game definitely deserves more sales!
darkenergy (on 05 February 2016)
@Poliwrathlord 1 million physical sales is actually enough and that's without digital included. In fact these kinds of games from Insomniac don't really do 3 million in sales so this game on Xbox One did well for a game made by them.
Poliwrathlord (on 25 January 2016)
1 million isn't enough for this game. Should be at 3 M. Deserves way more.
iceland (on 24 January 2016)
omg a million at last!
darkenergy (on 20 January 2016)
Nice :)
xboxonefan (on 20 January 2016)
it sells a million
Mr Puggsly (on 11 January 2016)
Oh snap, physical million seller incoming. I really hope MS or somebody funds a sequel.
xboxonefan (on 11 January 2016)
Almost a million
Mr Puggsly (on 07 January 2016)
@SlayerRondo - Well this flop could have potentially broke even with digital numbers.

Either way, great exclusive for X1.
SlayerRondo (on 28 December 2015)
Flipity bippity pop, this game is a flipity flop.
Poliwrathlord (on 26 November 2015)
I finally got around to playing this game and honestly Insomniac hit it out of the park. This is a great game and I hope to god there is a sequel coming, though I doubt it with these sales...
Poliwrathlord (on 02 September 2015)
I will probably get this soon, maybe when it goes on sale. Looks really fun.
Mr Puggsly (on 12 August 2015)
Recently just played through this game. Frankly, its a blast and probably one of the most refreshing gaming experiences I've had in a long time. I hope it becomes a GwG offering in the near future because that'll give millions of people an opportunity to play it.
WoodenPints (on 25 July 2015)
This is the most fun i've had in a singleplayer game in many years, Little disappointing in sales and hopefully its under tracked here.
Mr Puggsly (on 02 July 2015)
@darkneal - You're making presumptions. I would assume Insomniac was responsible for how Sunset Overdrive is was marketed. The advertising was just as obnoxious as the game.

Anyhow, the overall sales might look more impressive with digital numbers included. Maybe it will make some profit in the long run and the X1 got a cool exclusive.
darkneal (on 02 July 2015)
I love this game, but you just gotta know Microsoft will be dissapointed with its sales performance. I doubt its covered its costs, it was heavilly marketed and any new sales will be at a reduced price. Personally i blame Microsoft, for not only its ridiculously competitive release slot. That was doing the game no favours. But also the obnoxious mood of the advertising..the game is so much fun and they kinda mis-sold the irreverant humour. I hope its made a profit, its just i doubt it.
darkenergy (on 14 June 2015)
I also feel like this game is undertracked as well.

@fire no it wasn't easy for the R&C games to be at 1 million, in fact Into the Nexus never made it at 1 million and that game was released on the PS3 with an 80 million plus userbase.
FloatingWaffles (on 29 May 2015)
@Ryng_Tolu I feel like it might be as well. Its been in the 0.77-0.78 range for a long time now and has barely changed. I find it hard to believe that it would just stop selling like that.
Ryng_Tolu (on 15 May 2015)
Imo, i think is a little undertracked. I haven't a source, is just what i think.
Mr Puggsly (on 28 March 2015)
With sales like this a PC port is more likely to happen. That way MS can give Windows users a notable game and boost profits.
fireburn95 (on 16 March 2015)
@dark, Competition is never an excuse. They can choose to release whenever, MS chose to release in october. The SO bundle is still available in GAME here in UK, I know it continued to be on sale all throughout christmas in USA. R&C has been heavily milked for one generation, but thing with R&C it wasnt high but it was consistent, approx 1 millionish was easy for each game.
darkenergy (on 15 March 2015)
@fireburn Insomniac's games don't sell alot just look at the Ratchet and Clank series there was no heavily backing from what I know and please people are forgetting the bundle sold out one week and Microsoft said there will be no more of it, oh did you forget about SO releasing right where games like COD,Assassin's Creed, etc were right around the corner? If there were a game that sold less with no competition just look at the Order.
fireburn95 (on 08 March 2015)
@floatingwaffled, it isnt bad but certainly not good. A new, original AAA IP heavily backed by the console manufacture and heavily marketed with very little competition and even a limited edition bundle, and 760k after 12ish weeks
FloatingWaffles (on 04 March 2015)
@SlayerRondo You act like this is a bad debut for this game.
SlayerRondo (on 28 February 2015)
The fan-base for Insomniac and insomniac style games is primarily on the PS4 which itself has outsold the Xbox One over 5 to 3.

Whatever deal Insomniac had with Microsoft I hope it was worth this debut on next gen consoles.
Mr Puggsly (on 25 February 2015)
@fireburn95 - I would presume MS took all the risk and Insomniac still got a sum of money regardless how it does. Otherwise going exclusive wouldn't be worth the risk.
fireburn95 (on 14 February 2015)
It's dangerous territory to launch a new IP exclusively on xb1 I reckon. Letalone in a new genre.
SO would probably be at 2 million now if it was multiplat now, I just wonder if MS paid like the equivalent of Insomniacs would-be cut of ~1.25million lost sales. I highly doubt it.
binary solo (on 05 February 2015)
At current rate of sales it will reach 1 million on VGC in about 30 weeks. That means before the end of the year and at about the 1 year anniversary mark. Can't complain about that.
KdxlavkdX (on 29 January 2015)
Incredibly fun game, deserves much more.
FloatingWaffles (on 22 January 2015)
I love this game, and hopefully it hits 1m soon. It deserves it.
sales2099 (on 22 January 2015)
Let's be honest....the only reason this comment section is so active (at least more then other holiday releases) is because its an Insomniac game not on Playstation.

Itll creep to 1 million this year. Good for it.
busbfran (on 20 January 2015)
love it, 1 million soon.
ExplodingBlock (on 19 January 2015)
Hope this hits 1m soon
Muuzzyy (on 17 January 2015)
This game deserves to hit 1m and i think it will, really enjoyed it. Hope they come out with a sequel.
Kerotan (on 16 January 2015)
NPD says 280k so far in usa not including bundles.
iceland (on 11 January 2015)
dis gaem iz awesum, fuq da haterz!

1m incoming :O dat flop
mii-gamer (on 10 January 2015)
It should comfortably cruise to 1m.
darkneal (on 10 January 2015)
@Slade6alpha and @ninsect Both Watchdogs and Destiny broke 1mill first week as new ips. Which is pretty amazing for a console gen only 2 years old.

@narre Well my 5 yr old nephew loved playing this, so whats your point? Its all just an opinion.(Also technically if its a SHE, then she's your niece but thats neither here no there) I happen to think this game is a classic, so much fun and deserves the praise, and the dissapointment from gamers in its lack of expected sales.
narre (on 10 January 2015)
@Rafux , this game isn't great at all. The art is too childish. The jokes are lame. This game has a story but the story is stupid because there are too many childish elements in this game. They're trying to target mature and young audience at the same time, that's why they fail miserably. My nephew didn't understand why she had to grind all the time, but that didn't stop her to switch back to Super Mario U.

When you play this game for the first time, you do get the feeling like "This game looks unique" and "I have never played game like this before!". But after 5-7 hours, you know this game ain't worth the money.

One thing this game tells me is IGN and joystick reviews are BS.
darkenergy (on 09 January 2015)
@rafux do you even know what kind of game this is? This isn't Gears or Uncharted so this kind of game is expected just like how the Ratchet and Clank games performed.
VenusianKing (on 08 January 2015)
Glad to see this game is getting decent success. Hope it continues selling well.
Rafux (on 08 January 2015)
Now a third person shooter is niche? Come on guys I'm sure the game is great but is time to accept that it underperformed.
Ninsect (on 08 January 2015)
"Most new ips broke a million in week 1 this gen."

Hmm I'm not sure about that lol. Not that many games have even sold 1m+ week one on a single platform this gen. I only remember some PS4 games and of course CoD on XB1
Ninsect (on 08 January 2015)
@Jay: Nah I think it will slow down in the next two weeks a bit and perhaps reach about 770k in 2014. Good regardless, but nothing mindblowing and arguably disappointing considering the hype and advertising for it. Insomniac just can't produce a real hit anymore.
darkenergy (on 08 January 2015)
People still think this is a flop? This game sold well.
Goodnightmoon (on 08 January 2015)
Seems like is going to be around 800k by the end of the year, in just 2 months, great sales for a new and strange Ip on a 11m console, I would like to play it, seems funny.
Slade6alpha (on 07 January 2015)
You're kidding right? Just because something is "original" it doesn't mean it's going to light up the sales charts. And how on Earth do you consider Sunset to be a "blockbuster exclusive"? It's a pretty niche game from a developer with basically no track record on Xbox. Insomniac's games aren't exactly big hits either...

What new IPs broke a million week 1 this gen?

fireburn95 (on 07 January 2015)
Anyone who thinks this is a success is kidding themselves, an original ip that launched as a blockbuster exclusive, that should have benefitted from a growing popular console, and heavy marketing.

Most new ips broke a million in week 1 this gen.
JayWood2010 (on 07 January 2015)
Another 70k woo. May go 800k+ Not including digital by the end of December :)

Yeah, id say that is a success. Good job
TiagoCosta (on 07 January 2015)
I mean only one week to sell*, my phone is trolling me.
TiagoCosta (on 07 January 2015)
Actually npd showed bayonetta under SO, with SO with only one well.. And VGC numbers being right on.
fleischr (on 06 January 2015)
Probably overtracked. There weren't that many bundles to begin with, it opened worse than Bayo 2, and it never charted on NPD.
narre (on 04 January 2015)
@darkenergy i never played Ratchet and Clank and i will never play it because of its childish art. You need to stop making stupid assumptions like i never played this game, unless you really are stupid.
busbfran (on 04 January 2015)
I got mine on digital and i know of at lot of people who have also
EpicGamingLive (on 03 January 2015)
a lot of this games sales most likely come from digital, cause they've been really pushing this game with discounts and deals on the season pass on the xbox store
EpicGamingLive (on 03 January 2015)
a lot of this games sales most likely come from digital, cause they've been really pushing this game with discounts and deals on the season pass on the xbox store
Mr Puggsly (on 03 January 2015)
My prediction of 1.5 million still looking feasible.

And much like Infamous, this is a game MS can push throughout the gen digitally.
JayWood2010 (on 03 January 2015)
610k in 7 Weeks. Selling very similar to InFamous right now which sol 670k in 7 weeks on PS3 with a bigger install base
Kresnik (on 02 January 2015)
The fact it's been sale twice already should've been your first sign about the sales reception of this game.
I reckon has a chance of seeing a sequel greenlighted though. The positive critical reception probably makes up for the gap in sales.
Chris Hu (on 02 January 2015)
A little over 500K in less then three month with limited bundling for a new IP is actually pretty good. Plus it should also have sold a pretty decent amount of digital copies also since it was on sale twice already.
pokymon90 (on 31 December 2014)
Yes, possibly 750,000 sales (retail + Digital) on a console that just reached 10,000,000 sales is really good.
busbfran (on 27 December 2014)
Amazing Game! Will reach 1Million
MrSensical (on 22 December 2014)
To the people/person talking about LBP3 outselling this, I'm pretty sure the bundle with this game and an XBONE came with a digital copy of this game (or at least mine did anyway), and we all should know VGChartz does not count digital copies of games.
darkenergy (on 21 December 2014)
@thedawghouseev2 Again... it's because of bundles of LBP3 that it was not in a tough position it was release near BF that it performed good there was plenty of bundles of it but there was so few of the Sunset Bundles that if Microsoft actually made more of it just in time for BF SO would have performed even better, still this performed well for a game like this and for a new IP.
thedawghousev2 (on 21 December 2014)
@darkenergy lol littlebigplanet released the SAME day as gta, far cry 4, dragon age, and wwe 2k15 and you think sunset was in a tough position? media molecule didn't even create the game and it didn't review nearly as well as the first two. there were three ways to get a ps4, the regular plain ps4, the gta and the last of us bundle, or the lbp3 and lego bundle, people who wanted lbp3 bought that bundle.
Mr Puggsly (on 21 December 2014)
Yeah... so Sunset should past a million. Maybe MS will even want a sequel.
darkenergy (on 21 December 2014)
@thedawghousev2 you do realise that the Sunset bundles are limited right? Microsoft said they aren't making anymore after it quickly sold out in a week or so when it drop to $349 with LBP3 still getting bundled, now imagine it without getting bundled and it won't get sales you see now (if you really can call it "sales") . Also for a game created from Insomniac known for their time with Sony this game is selling well on the Xbox one. Hell it's even performing better then some of the Ratchet and clank games (another well known ip from Insomniac) that were on the ps3 on the same time frame of release. Not to mention getting release near the same time as COD and Assassin's Creed.
thedawghousev2 (on 21 December 2014)
@mrpuggsly lol yes knack is a launch game, meaning there wasn't nearly as many people who owned a ps4 when it launched. the xbox one is much more established now than when the knack came out, there's also the fact that oth knack and sunset are new ip's ad knack got 4's and 5's, barely any marketing, where as sunset overdrive got 8's and 9's, and insane marketing from being on tv or radio, timesquare, etc. knack is also a game for children, and the ps4 now has many more games to choose from, whether the games be for adults or children.
Mr Puggsly (on 21 December 2014)
@thedawghouseev2 - Well its doing better than Knack and that was a launch game!

LBP3 is an established IP.
thedawghousev2 (on 20 December 2014)
@darkenergy how do you feel about littlebigplanet outselling sunset overdrive with barely any marketing? sunset also had a white bundle to boost also, ouch
darkenergy (on 19 December 2014)
@narre it is clear you have never played the game, also if you think this game isn't selling well then what do you think of Insomniac's last year's game: Ratchet and Clank: Into The Nexus?
narre (on 18 December 2014)
I'm not surprised this game isn't selling well. This game is boring and repetitive with corny jokes. Visual is fine tho.
NobleTeam360 (on 18 December 2014)
Oh look it's almost got 500k, solid legs so far. 1 million might still be reachable after all.
sales2099 (on 17 December 2014)
What is notable is that week 5 is week 4 and 3 combined. And December isn't even tracked yet. This is very typical of October releases.......launch spike, November lull, and holiday period legs.

This looks like a slow burn million seller like Dead Rising 3.
Euphoria14 (on 17 December 2014)
Thanks for the entertaining read everyone!
Clyde32 (on 17 December 2014)
So this is the board wall they were talking about?
AkimboCurly (on 17 December 2014)
This is a great game so should have long legs. I think if bundles and digital sales were included, then this would be at a million by christmas. I reckon that lifetime at retail (discs) is 1m (DR3 and Ryse managed it!). I think that with bundles and digital included, lifetime for this game will be at 1.5-1.6 million.
Shinobi-san (on 16 December 2014)
Guys please adhere to the forum rules when conducting discussions on game walls. Please refrain from trolling, flaming and attacking other users. Lets keep this discussion clean and on topic. Theres been some terrible comments on this wall, but we've decided not to moderate given the time span as well as the number of users involved. However, should anyone break any forum rule from this point on, you will be moderated accordingly.
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 16 December 2014)
"Excessive downplaying is still annoying"

lol this is hilarious

btw 500k for a new IP is not THAT bad , its more than i expected for this game.
Kerotan (on 16 December 2014)
I know all that and I'm not saying you're wrong (or right). I generally go onto all the top games in the charts every few weeks and give my opinion on most of them. Obviously that opinion is going to be positive for the PS4 and less positive for the X1 most of the time. That's not going to change unless PS4 games stop outselling some of their counter parts 2:1 or whatever.

You don't have to agree with me but calling me jealous or whiny (puggsy said that) is just pure childish. And Jaywood calling for a mod is the worst of it all. I put up with all your opinions and don't go summoning mods over it.
sales2099 (on 16 December 2014)
Excessive downplaying is still annoying. We hear you. You can dial it down now.

You don't know how well it could have done on PS4. You just don't know. They made it Xbox exclusive because MS allowed them to keep the IP and Sony wouldn't. Also they offered the bundle and marketing assistance. There was news on that.

Regardless, save judgement for the end of december.
Kerotan (on 16 December 2014)
I'm not trolling and I've been writing my opinions on all types of games recently not just xbox games. if you summoned a mod i think you need to relax because there is nothing wrong happening.

Sales I'm not more Jelly than other great games like SSB or MK8 not being on PS4. You can't have them all and PS4 has it's fair share.

Puggsy buddy, I'm not whining just stating my opinions like I'm perfectly entitled to. No need to get so touchy with comments like "stop the whining".

You don't need to remind me why the game is on X1, don't you worry I konw. I was just saying they'd have been hoping for the sales it would have gotten on the PS4. Cus you know they gambled that the X1 would be the #1 console this gen and obviously MS believed they would. Therefore they'd be hoping it would be over a million by like it would be if it was on the PS4.

If my opinions bug you so much don't reply.
JayWood2010 (on 16 December 2014)
Nice weekly sales. Be at 600-800k by years end and 1-2m lifetime like ive said a few times.

However the posts in here are ridiculous and there is some plain as day trolling going on. I have summoned a mod in here when ever he reads my message. So id recommend you guys to relax, especially a certain someone i wont name publicly
sales2099 (on 16 December 2014)
Some people just jelly this is a critically acclaimed game and it isn't on PS4.

Week 5 sales just picked this game up. Lets see what this will be by the end of december.
Mr Puggsly (on 16 December 2014)
@Kerotan - Sorry, you aren't very funny.

Again, it could have sold better on PS4. But Sony wasn't willing to take the financial risk and let Insomniac keep the IP. MS got this exclusive because they took that risk, so stop the whining.
Kerotan (on 16 December 2014)
Yeah Puggsy I was chatting with Bill Gates over lunch the other day. He said they're thinking of releasing it on PS4 to get the sales the great game deserves. He was like wow did you see titles like FC4 and GTA 5 tripling their sales on PS4, but I was like, "sorry Bill you signed a contract saying X1 only, deal with it".
Mr Puggsly (on 15 December 2014)
@Kerotan - Interesting... I didn't hear that quote from MS. Maybe you just made that up?

Anyhow, we all agree it would have sold better on PS4. But its on X1 only, deal with it.
Kerotan (on 15 December 2014)
@binary they were expecting PS4 sales. If this was on the PS4 only it would be easily over a million by now.
binary solo (on 15 December 2014)
Almost 500K I have no idea what MS was expecting, or what Insomniac's KPI for bonus payments is, but I think both should be reasonably happy withered things are at right now. A relatively slow climb to 1 million seems assured.
SlayerRondo (on 15 December 2014)
Would have sold over one million on the PS4 by now.
Ninsect (on 15 December 2014)
LBP3 reduced to obscurity?? Lol, might want to look at its sales again.
darkenergy (on 07 December 2014)
I got this game with the white xbox one. I enjoyed the game.
sales2099 (on 05 December 2014)
MS didn't ruin anything....they did everything in their power to ensure its success (marketing/bundle). Sorry but Insomniac games just don't have that mass appeal.

That said, it's a great game, not on PS4, and those who bought it will like it....what's to hate on? And again......LBP3. Most cherished new IP's of gen 7 reduced to obscurity. Don't mean to offend anyone here, just saying i'm tired of SO bashing. It should quiet down now hopefully.
Mr Puggsly (on 30 November 2014)
@TrevDaRev - I mean people shouldn't have expected big numbers. Games like this haven't been known to appeal to wide audiences.

My expectation for a game like this is 1.5 million which is still possible.
TrevDaRev (on 30 November 2014)
@Puggs Do you mean niche on Xbox? I certainly wouldn't say it's a niche title. Maybe, that's just me though.
darkneal (on 30 November 2014)
Quite an interesting set of opposing views here, except some of you are not coming across as impartial, its turned into a smug, 'my chosen console is obviously superior' arguement. For every title that fails to sell on a console theres another that exceeds expectation, this is a fantastic game that was released at the worst time, the competition is some of the biggest ip's ever to have existed. Even on the PS4 the sales would only be slightly more given everyones rush to buy the xmas big hitters. This game could do an Alan Wake and pick up momentum after the xmas buzz has died down but personally, i doubt it...which is a huge shame.
fluky-nintendy (on 29 November 2014)
LPB3 will probably sell a lot more though
Emperorbach (on 29 November 2014)
LBP 3 wasnt as advertised and it was released before Black friday , very heavily bujdled and christmas sales will push it
SADLY SSO isnt gonna enjoy these benefits and its legs gona be killed
its a shame ms should hav released this game at a better time
pls theres this site massive undertracking of ps games
xbox games havent been selling so well deal with it
kknd20042005 (on 29 November 2014)
The fact this is not a 1st party title is exactly the problem. MS took a 3rd party title and ruined it for everyone, yet again. No one gives a shit if a first party title didn't sell well.
Mr Puggsly (on 28 November 2014)
@sales2099 - They'll just argue LBP3 didn't have advertising or Sumo made a bad game.

Sony fans seem to be under the impression a game like Sunset Overdrive appeals to a massive audience. Niche titles are unacceptable this gen.
sales2099 (on 28 November 2014)
Well kerotan given how poorly little big planet 3 did week 1, I think ps fans lost their right to criticize this game, especially since it isn't even 1st party so No biggie on MS's part
Mr Puggsly (on 28 November 2014)
@Kerotan - Actually, I was joking. I didn't expect anybody to be impressed by 500k. You should try developing a sense of humor.

Also, this will do considerably better than 500K in its first year. Its only been out for about a month its close to it. Ya know Resistance 3 wasn't an over night million seller either.
Kerotan (on 28 November 2014)
oh wow 500k first year, helped by a lot of advertising, xbox fans hyping, good reviews, and bundling. Really great numbers lol. I think it's a flop in respect of what it was expected to achieve. a total disaster from that point of view. Is it going to financially cripple MS or Insomniac. No. Is the game a flop that was forgotten before it even released? yes.

hopefully insomniacs next ratchet is as good as SO and hopefully PS4 owners support it better than this because otherwise insomniac are dead wood, who make good games that don't sell.
Mr Puggsly (on 27 November 2014)
@Kerotan - flop - a total failure: "the play had been a flop" synonyms: failure disaster debacle catastrophe loser loss-maker

By definition I just don't think its a flop. MS wanted to make a sequel to Ryse and that struggled achieve a million sales.

@fireburn95 - Well 390K isn't lifetime sales. By the end of the holiday it could be 500K!
fireburn95 (on 27 November 2014)
390k for a highly advertised title is not good at all.
MS showed the sales are bad by doing that 24 hours free thing early on.
I couldnt stop getting SO ads in the UK on youtube and saw a lot on channels like comedy central, e4 and sky sports.

This has cost Microsoft a fair bit of dollahs. Good thing Insomniac wont be affected too much.
Time for ratchet and clank.
Kerotan (on 27 November 2014)
That goal post moving. If I make a text game tomorrow that costs be 100$ to make and sell it for 60$ and it sells 2 copies lifetime I make a profit. By your logic my games wasn't a flop. Do yourself a favor and stop defending it. It flopped and god only knows what the sales would have been like without a MS bundle and without all their advertising.
Mr Puggsly (on 26 November 2014)
Well first of all its MS taking the risk, that's why it was exclusive to X1.

Now use your head. A flop can get a company shut down. But breaking even can keep a company afloat to work on another project. Also, the game was a critical success so Insomniac will get other opportunities. Whether it be from MS, Sony, or some other publisher.

Anyhow, its a unique title, life time sales could be decent, and a critical success. MS was smart to publish this game even if it struggles to earn a profit. Not every game needs to be a big hit to be worthwhile, that's what Sony said.
DrTregay (on 26 November 2014)
Squeaking a small profit in the long run is not a middle ground. It is pure luck and a risk that can get your studio shutdown. Look at the amazing legs on this flop LMAO
Mr Puggsly (on 25 November 2014)
@DrTregay - Actually, there is a middle ground. Alan Wake for example was not a big hit, but according to Remedy it did make a profit in the long run. It didn't sell well enough to encourage an immediate sequel but it made a profit, that is a middle ground.

I don't know how Sunset Overdrive will do in the long run and I doubt MS gave them a mega budget. Especially given they haven't a big hit in a long time.

If it did flop, no big deal. MS isn't going to have to sell a building because of this.
binary solo (on 24 November 2014)
Unfortunately it is flopping everywhere except the USA. But that's because Xbone is flopping everywhere but the NA and UK. That means it's the die hard Xb fans only who are buying in the other big markets, and a game like Sunset Overdrive just isn't their bag, in the main. For SO to do well in these markets it needs a higher than average attach rate and that won't happen. I think Insomniac can be proud of the game they made, unlike FUSE, but I think they will be frustrated by the lack of sales over all.
DrTregay (on 24 November 2014)
@ MS Puggsly -Their is no middle ground its either a success or a flop. I love reading the excuses " I don't think its a flop and I don't consider it a success " . Also hilarious how you assume the game made a profit.
KingdomHeartsFan (on 23 November 2014)
For some reason I thought this game sold way more.
Legendary_W (on 23 November 2014)
It did not flop at all. It will probably have legs until a sequel comes out (If it ever does). Besides, flop or not, it was a pretty awesome game all around, so I am happy that I bought it.
Kerotan (on 23 November 2014)
Amazon updated their charts for week ending 17th of November and guess what, the sunset overdrive bundle isn't even in the top 100. Just shows you how few MS actually shipped in the first place. Couple the very small november sales for the SO bundle with the X1's very small october sales and VGchartz likely has this over tracked. Insomniac are not in a great place whether anyone likes it or not. Thy are basically dependent on Sony (for ratchet and clank) and recently MS to fund their games. If they decide they don't want to fund anymore insomniac are fucked.
Mr Puggsly (on 23 November 2014)
@DrTregay - I don't think its a flop and I don't consider it a success. It'll probably fall somewhere between like Knack and Ryse.

Glad you enjoy my comments. I enjoy your trolling.
pokymon90 (on 22 November 2014)
Sad when most likely 600,000 in sales on a system with an install base of maybe around 12 million Xbox One's by the end of the year in a 6 month period is considered bad. That would be a 1/20 attach rate which is actually pretty good.
DrTregay (on 22 November 2014)
And it flopped. You keep damage controlling puggsly, i love reading your comments.
NobleTeam360 (on 21 November 2014)
Welp flop confirmed.
sales2099 (on 21 November 2014)
I'd wait until end of December to really see what the game can do. But regardless it's a fun game that's quirky enough to appeal to those who enjoy that kind of thing
GodOfPeace3 (on 21 November 2014)
Wow, I didn't expect sales to be this bad.
Mr Puggsly (on 21 November 2014)
@Kerotan - I wouldnt worrt about Insomniac. MS funded the game and Insomniac still owns the IP. Perhaps Insomniac can make a PC version for extra profit.

With Sony they would lose their IP.
Kerotan (on 20 November 2014)
Thanks to NPD leakes we know X1 was a good bit over tracked for November. That pretty much confirms this having almost no effect on hardware sales and the little it did it was for the white X1.

So this is over tracked as we know the bundles didn't sell as well as VGchartz expected. Considering they sold out I think that shows just how limited they were. Shame for insomniac though, they're really on a losing streak. This would have gotten double the sales if it was on PS4 instead. Next time Ted!
Mr Puggsly (on 18 November 2014)
@Ninsect - I'm not even sure if SO includes bundles. But we're certain Knack is about 1/3 bundles.

Knack and Ryse both scored poorly. An additional 6 points on metacritic wasn't going to help Knack much. Let that sink in.
Ninsect (on 17 November 2014)
@sales: Is 80+ now "critically acclaimed" in your eyes? Funny, I remember 90+ being the only score that mattered a few months and years back ;)
Ninsect (on 17 November 2014)
@Puggsly: Yeah and SO wouldn't be at 320k without its bundles...
Also, Knack got worse reception than Ryse. Let that sink in.
sales2099 (on 17 November 2014)
Drtreygay knack isn't a particularly good game and has nothing to do with this, a more critically acclaimed game. Sales don't equal quality. Whatever damage control you are trying, it ain't working.
T.Rexington (on 17 November 2014)
I think this will get a boost during the holidays. Especially on Black Friday.
Mr Puggsly (on 15 November 2014)
@DrTregay - Knack is probably 420K bundles in Japan. The game wouldn't be a million seller without those bundles. Let that sink in.

Also, that was a launch game. Even Ryse is getting near 1 million physical sales.
DrTregay (on 14 November 2014)
Knack is sitting at 1 + million, let that sink in xbox fans.
darkneal (on 14 November 2014)
C'mon holiday season legs, kick in! This game needs to be a success...First COD, now Assassin's Creed then Farcry 4....this game seems destined to be overlooked. Stupid stupid release timing
sales2099 (on 14 November 2014)
Drtregay ya we deal with it just fine. It's a great game and it's not on ps4 so really, alls well on our end
JayWood2010 (on 14 November 2014)
320k in its first 11 days. 8 in Europe. Good numbers. Will likely be between 1-2m lifetime :)
DannyDanger89 (on 14 November 2014)
Jamkelope PLEASE stop

It hurts me to see you try to justify these sales
Jankelope (on 14 November 2014)
320,000 Worldwide in just 2 Weeks. This is a new IP. These are great sales :)
Jankelope (on 13 November 2014)
This is really good sales for a new IP on a young platform with a small install base. Just look at TheWonderful101 on Wii U. THAT was a flop. This on the other hand. Is a resounding success. 229,000 worldwide opening week is really great! It performed better than Bayonetta 2 on Wii U did as well! I predict this game will sell around 700k-800k WW by the end of next year. This is a very good effort from Insomniac. And a win for XBOXONE. These exclusives are going to pile up and do some great things for Microsoft, even if they won't completely take over PS4
Rafux (on 13 November 2014)
Poor Insomniac Games they keep getting flops even if the game looks really good
SlayerRondo (on 13 November 2014)
A flipity flop for this piece of plop
gustave154 (on 12 November 2014)
Thechalkblock (on 12 November 2014)
the game only had about two days to sell before the current numbers. i expect it to do another 100k or so by the next set of numbers due this fact and the bundle. not too bad, but not great either. game might have legs--we'll see
DrTregay (on 12 November 2014)
You xbox fans are delusional, the game flopped. Talking about the game will have legs LMAO. Yea ok with the plethora of holiday games coming out. Once GTA comes out next week sales any legs it had will be cut short. Even Knack outsold it, Deal with it !
Kyuu (on 12 November 2014)
20k lower than I expected. That's not tremendous no matter how you slice it, Phil.
ExplodingBlock (on 12 November 2014)
Flipity flip flop
Wright (on 12 November 2014)
Wow, this game bombed all over the place. Should have been WiiU exclusive.
Dadrik (on 12 November 2014)
Not bad but not good either.

Let's hope it'll have better sales this Holiday
gerryd2704 (on 12 November 2014)
Everyone remember the time when if a PS3 exclusive didn't do a mil first week regardless of how many PS3 owners there was, the game was an automatic flop and it was crap for flopping?? I'm not saying SO is crap or a flop, I'm just saying it's funny how things are different when it's the other way around.
Ninsect (on 12 November 2014)
Quite a bit lower than I expected (~350-400k). Hmm. Can it reach 1m this year?
fireburn95 (on 12 November 2014)
And this game was heavily bundled, in the UK it was 299 with a white xbox one.
Mixture of bundle and special designed console should've boosted this more.
fireburn95 (on 12 November 2014)
I dunno I think microsoft would expect greater than 230,000 for an exclusive, third party AAA new IP. It will do good in the long run, but FW is dissapointing
Slade6alpha (on 12 November 2014)
New IP that launched along side a pretty loaded Fall season (Unity, GTA, MCC upcoming), coupled with the fact that Insomniac games are pretty niche, new userbase on Xbox with Insomniac, I'd say sales are pretty decent.

I'm not sure what people were expecting, but this was never going to be a system seller, more of a complementary title in the One's library. I'm not sure if digital and bundles sales are accounted for either, but will hopefully pass 1 million. Hope we get a sequel too!
Kerotan (on 12 November 2014)
considering the hype this got from xbox fan(boy)s it flopped. It's a good game but even if the next comes to PS4 the sequels sales won't be massive.
Emperorbach (on 12 November 2014)
naaa chris hu it flopped a heavily advertised exclusive nt br
freedom wars and lords of fallen were much less advertised and prmoted and have a much lower break even point
( also freedom wars opened with 188 k in japan , plus its 40k worldwide debut that puts it at 220k beating sunset by a decent 30k for its debut week , Sunset is a great game but it super flopped , its legs are gonna be massacred by the massive 3rd party games releasing this week and the rest of the season )
Chris Hu (on 12 November 2014)
The only games that truly flopped this week are NBA Live 15, Freedom Wars and Lords of the Fallen. People that think that Sunset Overdrive flopped have no clue about what a game flop or bomb is.
sales2099 (on 12 November 2014)
Drtregay the same was said about PS3 owners for every exclusive that wasn't gran turismo or made by naughty dog. Quite simply when you aren't the dominant player in the gen numbers wise then you have a smaller pool of people buying them. Besides, it's not like we HAVE to buy every exclusive just because. I for one like the concept but still think it isn't for me to buy
sales2099 (on 12 November 2014)
Drtregay the same was said about PS3 owners for every exclusive that wasn't gran turismo or made by naughty dog. Quite simply when you aren't the dominant player in the gen numbers wise then you have a smaller pool of people buying them. Besides, it's not like we HAVE to buy every exclusive just because. I for one like the concept but still think it isn't for me to buy
sales2099 (on 12 November 2014)
Drtregay the same was said about PS3 owners for every exclusive that wasn't gran turismo or made by naughty dog. Quite simply when you aren't the dominant player in the gen numbers wise then you have a smaller pool of people buying them. Besides, it's not like we HAVE to buy every exclusive just because. I for one like the concept but still think it isn't for me to buy
Mr Puggsly (on 11 November 2014)
If it can reach a million its not a flop. Its not a big hit either. Games like this just don't appeal to wide audiences.
DrTregay (on 11 November 2014)
It flopped, just goes to show you xbox fans dont buy exclusives they just talk about them.
Legendary_W (on 11 November 2014)
It is a great game overall, different from what we're used to see. Good games don't necessarily always dominate on their FW, but they tend to have good legs, which I trust Sunset Overdrive will have.
Chris Hu (on 11 November 2014)
Since this is a new IP its legs are much more important then its first couple of weeks of sales. Plus since its a new IP I expect a lot of people will wait to buy this game until its discounted.
atomicblue (on 11 November 2014)
It sounds like the sales of this one have been pretty lukewarm, which is really disappointing. It sounds like it's got more personality than all the CoDs and Battlefields and Halos and Destinys of the industry combined.
fireburn95 (on 11 November 2014)
Sunset overdrive should have either been a summer title this year, or an early 2015 game. Two particularly dry periods. (especially for xb1 with ps4 having bb and order)
darkneal (on 11 November 2014)
These numbers are disapointing. Why do publishers insist on releasing new IP's next to established behemoths?! Its staggeringly stupid on a consistant basis. Alien was released near Destinys window now this amazing game is released the week before COD.

Gamers are saving for that you idiots and not many people can buy 2 50 games in 7 days! I have hope that unlike Alien, this will have good Xmas legs...
Kerotan (on 11 November 2014)
only 130k opening week in the US by far the Xbox's biggest market. Bombed hard it did.

Mr Puggsly (on 11 November 2014)
@Kerotan - Well its looking like Sunset Overdrive is going to have a decent opening, so your "bomb hard" prediction seems to be wrong.

FH2 and Sunset Overdrive aren't the kind of games that create a sales spike. But that's okay, not every game should be expected to do that.
Kerotan (on 20 October 2014)
I predict will bomb hard. FH2 had hype, good reviews and a great ad campaign but still did very average numbers. 120k combined in the US 1st week. This game I reckon will get worse reviews, has very little hype but will have the ad campaign. (I've seen a ton already). Anyway way when the numbers come in they will be average at best and will do nothing for hardware just like FH2 did nothing.


Mentore (on 19 December 2016)
Best exclusive on X1.

Can't wait for
the new Spider-man game by Insomniac.
Mr Puggsly (on 13 September 2016)
I hope we see some sort of update to
take advantage of Scorpio (60 fps
please) and perhaps a PC port.
darkenergy (on 01 August 2016)
OR maybe if Sony let Insomnia keep
Sunset Overdrive but Sony wanted to own
the IP but instead they went to
Dyllyo (on 29 June 2016)
@ thewastedyouth

I think the REAL
problem was that Insomniac even made a
deal with Microsoft in the first place.
They should have stuck with Sony.
That's where there fanbase has always
thewastedyouth (on 08 June 2016)
this is an amazing game and it is so sad
that most of the people who would have
bought this game back in the 360
migrated to the PS4 because of Microsoft
idiotic ideas back in 2013
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