Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): N/A
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Genre: Simulation

Release History

Ecolibrium Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeEurope12th September 2012Playstation Store
Ecolibrium Sony Computer Entertainment AmericaNorth America12th February 2013Playstation Store

Game Overview

Ecolibrium is a life simulation game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation Vita. That game places players are in control of growing and maintaining a beautifully foreign ecosystem where they can raise unique and alien species, design the world to their liking, and explore ecosystems.

Maintaining balance is the key to Ecolibrium and in order to achieve balance the player must take into account various basic factors, including feeding the creatures, the impact of the seasons and the right proportion of creatures for each link in the food chain. Maintaining balance will net the player with Ecopoints, which can be spent to purchase new specimens (animals, plants, etc.).