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08/28/07 Namco Bandai
03/01/07 Namco Bandai
11/09/07 KOEI

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  • From the legendary creators of the Dynasty Warriors ® series, a new generation of Gundam legend is born. Experience the fast-paced excitement and epic, cinematic action of Dynasty Warriors on the futuristic battlegrounds of the rich Gundam universe!
  • Get in the cockpits of your favorite Mobile Suits, the ultimate weapons of war, and fight across a host of futuristic battlefields – both terrestrial and stellar – at lightning fast speed and rendered in high-definition graphics!
  • Live as a legendary hero: Play out the action of the rich Gundam universe spanning the Universal Century to the Future Century as any of your favorite heroes and villains!
  • Turn the tides of battle as you fight against impossible odds. Take on thousands of enemies attacking you at breakneck speed in signature Dynasty Warriors style gameplay. Your ever-strengthening will and skills will determine the outcome of the wars simultaneously blazing throughout the Earth and outer space!
  • Dive into a new epic mythology like never before: Explore and live adventures in the rich and detailed setting of the Gundam multi-verse from a myriad of perspectives.  Play through each story and marvel at the subtle twists as viewed through the eyes of each character.
  • Dynamic gameplay modes from proven franchises: Enjoy a variety of action-packed game modes: Official Mode; Original Mode; Versus Mode and more!
  • A galaxy of upgrade-able Mobiles Suits and characters! Choose your favorite characters and Mobile Suits from more than 6 different animated TV series based on the Gundam universe and strategically strengthen their power, skills, and abilities.  

Source - www.namcobandaigames.com (publisher)

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1 174,638 n/a n/a 174,638
2 39,987 n/a n/a 39,987
3 18,429 n/a n/a 18,429
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metalgearmatt posted 13/09/2009, 09:38
i found the Japanese version at my local game store :P
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headshot91 posted 13/03/2009, 05:49
lol trust the guy who has gundam in his name :P
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gundamx posted 25/01/2009, 10:01
this game was gd it didnt suck
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Damstr8 posted 12/03/2008, 08:19
this game SUCKED
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