The Wonderful 101

Global Total as of 03rd Jan 2015 (units): 0.31m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Unknown Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
24th August 2013113,620N/A13,620
31st August 201326,625-51.4%20,245
07th September 201334,156-37.3%24,401
14th September 201343,002-27.8%27,403
21st September 2013519,943564.3%47,346
28th September 201367,707-61.4%55,053
05th October 201374,762-38.2%59,815
12th October 201383,307-30.6%63,122
19th October 201393,288-0.6%66,410
26th October 2013103,5126.8%69,922

Global Annual Summary (Units)



Ninsect (4 days ago)
LOL, Japan sales are way off.
Metallox (on 05 January 2015)
The price cut helped a lot. Overall,
I'd like to see more Wii U games having
these legs.
Skullwaker (on 03 January 2015)
Kinda shocked that this game did better
in its second year. Happy to be one of
the 2014 sales.
Clyde32 (on 17 December 2014)
Almost sold more in its second year.
bowserthedog (on 26 November 2014)
Looks like this is a legs game. Probably
end up selling just as many copies in
year two as year one. Wonder if it will
continue like this for the next 2 or 3
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