The Wonderful 101

Global Total as of 06th Dec 2014 (units): 0.27m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Unknown Genre: Action

Total Units

North America: 0.14m 51.6%
+ Europe: 0.06m 21.2%
+ Japan: 0.06m 21.0%
+ Rest of the World: 0.02m 6.1%
= Global 0.27m

Release History

The Wonderful 101 NintendoEurope23rd August 2013Retail
The Wonderful 101 NintendoJapan24th August 2013Retail
The Wonderful 101 NintendoNorth America15th September 2013Retail

Game Overview

The Wonderful 101, initially known as P-100, is an action game that is developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo. It is exclusive to the Wii U and was released on August 23, 2013 in Europe, on August 24, 2013 in Japan and on September 15, 2013 in North America.

Earth has been invaded by giant aliens and the only ones who can save the planet are a group of mysterious heroes who each alone can't win against the aliens. These heroes together have unknown powers, which allow them to morph into objects like a sword to fight or even a ladder to climb up buildings. Across the city citizens cower in fear of their new invaders, but these regular joes can be recruited after saving them to join your forces to gain new powers and save the world.


Clyde32 (3 days ago)
Almost sold more in its second year.
bowserthedog (on 26 November 2014)
Looks like this is a legs game. Probably
end up selling just as many copies in
year two as year one. Wonder if it will
continue like this for the next 2 or 3
Apolinario (on 25 November 2014)
Nope, it didn't sell well at all but
the only people that know if it's over
tracked or under tracked are sitting at
Nintendo. This game was badly marketed
and deserved to sell allot more. Oh
well at least I got the opportunity to
play it.
MepH (on 24 November 2014)
wow... that game didn't sell
It's also 30-35K Overtracked
in Japan alone (Media Create had it at
14K for the whole 2013 year)
Apolinario (on 24 November 2014)
Actually Hyrule Warriors is considered a
success and I'm sure we'll see a
followup someday. In fact it's has
exceeded expectations in the west.
Hyrule Warriors is probably well over
700k now when you factor in eShop
purchases. W101 did flop but man it's
still a great game and I get to enjoy it
because I own a Wii U and don't simply
dismiss other systems. Great things
ahead for Nintendo, nothing touches 3DS
sales, and a Wii U reassurgence is right
around the corner. BTW as a PS4 owner,
I find the Wii U and PS4 compliment each
other nicely.
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