Donkey Kong Country Returns

Global Total as of 11th Jun 2016 (units): 1.85m
Platform: Nintendo 3DSAlso on: Wii
Developer: Nintendo Genre: Platform

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
25th May 20131126,505N/A126,505
01st June 2013264,833-48.8%191,338
08th June 2013350,664-21.9%242,002
15th June 20134146,016188.2%388,018
22nd June 2013581,168-44.4%469,186
29th June 2013657,738-28.9%526,924
06th July 2013745,719-20.8%572,643
13th July 2013834,356-24.9%606,999
20th July 2013930,737-10.5%637,736
27th July 20131026,443-14.0%664,179

Global Annual Summary (Units)



Ljink96 (on 22 March 2014)
Wow... I didn't think a million would
show for a remake not even 2 years old.
Fededx (on 28 December 2013)
Million seller! DK is one of Nintendo's
strongest sagas, this game alone sold
7m+, hope Tropical Freeze sells well too
Salnax (on 21 December 2013)
I guess there were either great sales or
adjustments, because this is only about
20,000 sales from a million!
acdcste (on 04 December 2013)
Should be around the 950k by the end of
the year. Will be another million seller
for the 3ds sooner or later.
Ganoncrotch (on 31 October 2013)
according to Nintendo they've shipped
1m for this so there is 200k units
between shipped into stores and digital
downloads of this game.
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